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I've said this a billion times but I'll say it again. Pink is just a color. Mazzy LOVES pink but I don't think she is particularly "girlie". In addition to Disney Princesses, she likes Thomas the Train, Cars, and most recently, has started asking questions about the Ninja Turtles.

Questions like, "Can I have that Ninja Turtle table and chairs set?"

To which my answer was, "Over my cold hard dead body."

I also don't think liking so-called "feminine things" like cupcakes and fashion means girls aren't as smart or as strong as the boys. Last time I checked, fashion involved machinery and lots of math. (And cupcakes are DELICIOUS.)

Somewhere along the line, Mazzy began to refer to girl things as "pretty" and boy things as "cool". Then she'll say she is pretending to be a boy when she wants to play with "cool" things. I keep telling her that girls can be cool and play with trucks too, but she is adamant this isn't the way the world works.

Sadly, she's right, because studies show girls typically lose interest in "boy things" like math and science by age eight.

A company called GoldieBlox is betting this lack of interest stems from lack of options in the "princess aisle". They are making a new line of construction and engineering toys designed to appeal to girls.

Yes, GoldieBlox is pink and girlie. But it was created by Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer, who researched gender differences, talked with Harvard neuroscientists, and observed children’s play patterns. The toys leverage girls’ advanced verbal skills to help develop and build self-confidence in their spatial skills. So that fifteen years from now, our girls might play a part in a world that is increasingly created by engineers.

GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine includes a book starring an inventor named Goldie and cranks, axles, washers and blocks to design a belt drive machine to help Goldie's dog chase his tail. It develops spatial skills, engineering principles and confidence in problem solving with 16 design ideas and unlimited building possibilities. It's meant for kids three years and older.


You want to get something for your daughters for the holidays? THIS IS IT.

GoldieBlox came out with this video the other day called "The Princess Machine" and I showed it to Mazzy this morning. It gave me such pleasure to say, "You want to see something COOL?" and show her a video of a bunch of girls. 


GoldieBlox is one of four finalists to get their commercial to play during the Superbowl. How great of a statement would THAT be? You can vote for them here.

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