Parents get used to hearing unsolicited commentary from strangers pretty early on. It starts when you’re seven months pregnant with your first baby and some well-meaning elderly lady warns you not to reach over your head or the umbilical cord will wrap around the baby’s neck (no it won’t, but thanks anyway).

After you have your baby, everybody you meet wants to know when you’re going to have another (none of your business, but thanks anyway), and things keep escalating from there.

By the time you get to the point where you have more car seats than you have seats in the car, there’s one inevitable question that never fails to drive mamas of big broods crazy.

“Why do you have so many kids?”

Jenny Evans, creator of Unremarkable Files and mother of six, finally got fed up and made a video of all the answers she’d like to give the next time some stranger at the grocery store questions her family size. Her responses are so good, 3.5 million viewers of the video have laughed along and wished they’d used some of her responses themselves. Such as…

“Secretly, I just love mesh underwear.”

“I like to eat birthday cake. A LOT.”

“I’m just trying to deplete the earth of all its natural resources, obviously.”

Or my personal favorite, “I hate sleep.”

Ask a silly question, get a sarcastic answer!

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