Writing a Halloween costume post on November 6th is a little bit like publishing a holiday gift guide on New Year's. BUT— I promised. And this is the only way I'm going to get ahead of the game next year. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos on my facebook page and on instagram (@mommyshorts). I can't post them all. Not even close. I chose a small sampling of the costumes that really stood out.

Not even my own children should have made the cut since Mazzy and Harlow did not even come close to the creativity of the kids below.

And by that I mean, their mother bought their costumes at a store.

And by "their mother", I mean ME.

Lucky for them, I'm a big fan of nepotism.


"Best Use of Eyebrow Pencil" goes to Cruella Deville and the Evil Queen from Snow White:


"Most Likely to be Thrown Out of a Car Window While Going 70mph on the Interstate" goes to this life-size slurpee…


"Best Use of a Severed Appendage" goes to Thing from the Addams Family. Also pictured, Pubert and Gomez…


"Most Likely to Have His Face Sculpted by a Blind Woman" goes to Lionel Richie…


The "Riskiest Costume" award goes to this little Pinata. Let's hope he didn't wander into a birthday party by accident. 


"Best Handcrafted Boom Box" goes to the newest member of Run DMC….


"Mom with the Biggest Johnny Depp Obsession" goes to these five siblings…


"Best Reason to have a Baby" goes to The Three Amigos


The "I Think this Would Be Funny If I Watched the Show" award goes to the cast of The Big Bang Theory


The "Epic Baby Hair" award goes to Elvis. Obviously.


"Potential for Most Awesome Holiday Card" goes to the miniature version of KISS…


"Most Likely to have a Pen" goes to this family of nerds…


"Best Use of a Stroller" goes to the increasingly popular Cabbage Patch Kid costume…


The "Don't Make this Ballerina Angry" award goes to Madame Hulk…


"This Three-Year-Old is Cooler than Your Three-Year-Old" award goes to Ringo Starr…


"Most Likely to Locate the Flux Capacitor" goes to Marty McFly…


"Most Likely to Skyrocket to Superstardom without Industry Backing" goes to Mini Macklemore…


The "Parental Genius Award" goes to these two iPads and their cords/leashes…


"Most Likely to Cause Bodily Harm" goes to this handmade Voodoo Doll…


"Most Badass Wheelchair in Disguise" goes to Batman and his Batmobile…


And finally my own children.

Harlow and her cousin Jack win for "Least Original Superheroes"


And Mazzy wins for "Most Likely to Freeze her Ass Off in a Dress that was Way Too Tiny to be 4T". She was Tinkerbell and this is the first year she selected her own costume…



I wish I had pictures that illustrated how fearless Mazzy was her pursuit of candy on the streets of NYC. The second we went outside, she got this look of purpose on her face that I have never seen before and strut down the sidewalk like she owned it— head held high, arms swinging like they had somewhere better to be.

It was a little frightening actually. 

There's a lot of weird Halloween stuff in the East Village and Mazzy had no problem leading the way into stores populated solely by adults in scary costumes and demanding candy.

This was the first year we trick or treated outside of our apartment building and I must say— it changed my opinion of Halloween in Manhattan entirely. All the stores were open, decorated for the holiday and the shop owners were wearing awesome costumes and giving out candy.

Contrary to previous years that made me want to move to the suburbs, this year felt like a real Halloween.

I let Mazzy eat all the candy she wanted which worked out well because it turns out she hates everything except lollipops and plain chocolate. Snickers, Twix, Twizzlers, etc. were all spit out in my hand.

The deal was that she could eat as much as she wanted on Halloween but then that was it. No saving the candy to eat one by one for weeks and weeks. 

The next day, she asked for a lollipop. I said, "Remember what I told you? The reason you were able to eat so much candy last night was because you couldn't have any after Halloween was over."

"Can I eat candy next Halloween?"


I haven't heard a peep from her about it since.