Do you remember a few years ago when Mazzy co-starred in a short film called “Harry Grows Up”?

If not, I’ve got the full background here. The movie was written and directed by Mark Nickelsburg (a friend of mine) when Mazzy was about 18 months old and is basically a classic New York love story starring babies. Harry is played by Mark’s son, Lucas, who was almost two at the time. (In addition to being a director, Mark is magical wizard who can somehow get two toddlers to act on cue.)

We got the pleasure of seeing the movie on the big screen a little over a year ago when it played in the New York Short Film Festival. Can you imagine seeing your baby’s face on a movie screen in front of a packed audience? I nearly burst into tears. It was probably about the same level of emotion I experienced when Mazzy was a flower girl a few weeks ago in our cousin’s wedding.

Motherhood, it’s a powerful drug.

Well, since the premiere, “Harry Grows Up” has spent the year on the short film festival circuit racking up a bunch of awards, including “Audience Favorite” at the LA Comedy Shorts Fest and “Best of New York” at the New York International Short Film Festival.


Today, it gives me great pleasure to announce, it is finally available online. You know what that means?


So, without further ado, here is the darkly adorable, “Harry Grows Up”. Do yourself a favor and click the icon to the right of HD to see it full screen.

Harry Grows Up from Mark Nickelsburg on Vimeo.

Thank you, Mark, for giving my family one of the best gifts ever.

And just you can see how much changes in two years, here’s Mazzy and Lucas with Mark this past summer back at the Museum of Modern Art.


Let me know if you have any questions about the film below!