If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you know my family was in Greater Williamsburg over Easter weekend. Official blog post (and video!) to come, but in the mean time, I just wanted to post a little teaser called “Harlow in a Hat.”

Will there be much information here? Or witty commentary?


There will just be “Harlow in a Hat.”

The hat has nothing to do with Easter, although Harlow did happen to wear it on Easter Sunday. Shops just seem to sell them as regular daily attire in Williamsburg. I should add that I did not purchase the hat myself. There were two hats waiting for us as a gift in our hotel room when we arrived. Mazzy refused to put her hat anywhere near her head (understandable), but Harlow wore hers like she was born with it.

Without further ado, I present: “Harlow in a Hat.” Something so adorable that it deserved its own post.

Harlow’s hat from the front:

Harlow’s hat from the back:

Harlow’s hat from the side:

Harlow’s hat from the top:

Harlow tipping her hat:

Harlow walking in the sand while wearing her hat:

Harlow playing in the sand while wearing her hat:

Harlow drinking lemonade while wearing her hat:

Harlow under her hat (fyi, I think she might have taken this picture herself):

Harlow in another but very similar hat:

Harlow laughing at herself in her hat:

Harlow looking introspective in her hat:

Harlow being like, “Mom! Are you done taking pics of me in my hat???”

Harlow being like, “Because I am SO DONE wearing this f**king hat!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that we mistakenly left the hat in the car rental before we boarded the plane back home, I think would make Harlow wear it every day from now on.

Anybody know where I can buy a new hat?