A friend of mine once said— "if your baby isn't crying in her Halloween costume, than you are not doing it right". I think when she told me this, her daughter was wearing a full-blown monkey costume on an unseasonably hot October 31st.

I've always had a different theory, and that is— "if your baby doesn't know she's wearing a Halloween costume, then she's not going to cry".

At least, not over the costume. The bad parenting and the wet diaper is a whole other story. 

I've always been a big fan of simple costumes that consist of basic baby clothes that don't feel that different from what your child wears everyday. It's much funnier watching your kid crawl around like a piece of sushi when she has no idea there is a piece of tuna on her back.

Mazzy was a piece of sushi her first Halloween. Her outfit consisted of a white onesie, white tights, a wasabi colored hat and a little red pillow tied to her waist with a big piece of black felt. She would have worn that thing every day if I wanted.

For her second Halloween, she went as Corduory— green overalls and bear ear barrettes. Nothing to throw a tantrum over. 

Two years ago, to illustrate how easy it could be to dress up a baby for Halloween, I did a post called "Cheap Ass Last Minute No Effort Baby Costumes", which involved placing a bottle of vodka next to your baby's head and calling her Lindsay Lohan. Or sticking a pipe in his mouth and calling him Popeye. Or pulling up a pair of diaper jeans and calling your child a "Never Nude".

Easy, clever and best of all, your baby never knows what's up.

If you want an easy/clever costume that is a few steps up from drawing a mole on your baby's upper lip and calling her Cindy Crawford, I've got the Etsy Shop for you.

It's called The Wishing Elephant and they sent me a bunch of "costumes" for Harlow to try on for Halloween. Although, they are not really costumes. They are just regular onesies and hats with really clever handmade details.

But…OH MY GOD. Harlow was MADE to wear clever handmade details. The whole experiment was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

First up, Harlow as a Garden Gnome…


I didn't stick her ear out on purpose. I think she just knew instinctively to do it.

Next we've got Harlow as R2D2. Note the robtic stance and the empty look in her eye…


If that wasn't enough to kill you with cuteness, here's Harlow as a Hostess Cupcake…


Don't mind the fairy wings, that was a Mazzy addition. She must know something about cupcakes that I don't.

Then we have the Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby…


Do you see the evil glare? I'm thinking when I said "Stay Puft", Harlow went immediately to the Ghostbusters version that terrorized NYC.

Lastly, we have my favorite— Chef Harlow. 


She made those puffs with her own two hands.

The Wishing Elephant sent me a few more costumes but Harlow can only dress up as so many things in one day without charging me a modeling fee.


The onesies at The Wishing Elephant have become so popular, they are going to stop orders for Halloween this Monday. Currently, they are charging a $20 rush fee to guarantee your baby gets his sheriff outfit on time. 

BUT— if you just tell say "MOMMY SHORTS" sent you at check-out, they will waive the rush fee. 

No guarantees your child will look as cute as Harlow.


This post was sponsored by The Wishing Elephant, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.