Tonight, I'm going to be attending (and live tweeting) an event called NickMom Social, in which the stars of NickMom's latest TV line-up will talk about what "moms today" find funny.

Having blogged for the past three years on all things motherhood, I think I have a pretty good idea. All I have to do is scroll through my facebook or pinterest feed to find out what has the most "likes". I'm going to safely assume the people following a handle called "Mommy Shorts" are mostly moms themselves. (If not, my life online just got a whole lot creepier.)

What do moms find funny?


Seriously, you guys are SUCKERS for someecards. I know people who have built entire social media empires just by reposting that shit. But you know what? I agree. A lot of them are pretty funny.




I don't know who writes these things. Other mommy bloggers? Twenty-two-year-old interns who are paid to put on their "pathetic hat" and think like a parent? Whoever they are, I approve.

You know what else moms find funny? When people fail at baking…


Image Source: CraftFail


Even funnier? When people fail at baking in a spectacularly sexual fashion…



Image Source: Dumpaday

Moms also like laughing at the horrible misfortunes of others. Especially if those "others" were trying to manufacture a perfect family moment at the beach…


Image Source: Imgur

And we like laughing at examples of shitty parenting by other moms, so we can feel better about ourselves…



Image Source: Somewhat Sane Mom

Occasionally, and I do mean OCCASIONALLY, we laugh at things that have nothing to do with parenting (crazy! I know)…




But mostly, moms laugh at the things our kids do. 

For instance, the other day Harlow crawled over to my laptop bag, stuck her little hand in and started pulling out assorted pens, cords and business cards. Mazzy looked over and announced, "Harlow's going to BABY WORK!!!!!"

I thought that was the funniest fucking thing I ever heard.

I'm still laughing about it actually.

By myself, but that's cool.

If you would like to join me (@mommyshorts) and NickMom (@NickMom) and all the stars from their TV line-up (including Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, and Sherri Shepherd) for a twitter party during the event, we'll be tweeting starting at 6:30pm EST.

I honestly have no idea how I weaseled my twitter handle onto this invite…


Hope to chat with you there!


This post was sponsored by NickMom. If you'd like to find more funny "mom things" (like Top 9 Lists, cartoons, charts, etc.), visit NickMom.com.