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Ever wonder what happened to the mother with the awful voice who went viral with her parody of "What Does the Fox Say"? She must be lounging on a pile of YouTube money after sending her kids to top tier boarding schools, right?

Nope. She's back. This time with a mom-themed parody of "Let It Go".

No, it's not about turning your kids to ice while you take a nap, although that sounds fantastic.

It's about "letting go" of any ridiculous aspirations you have of raising well-behaved kids, keeping a clean house or getting your pre-baby body back.

Wouldn't life be so much happier if you just accepted the status quo? If you didn't try so hard to be a good parent and then feel like a big fat failure every time you lost control of your kids?

It's a message I, for one, will seriously consider.  

Before you press play, I must prepare you— this woman is no Idina Menzel. If her voice splits your eardrum and cracks your coffee mug, don't say I didn't warn you.

I think it's safe to say, this version of "Let It Go" will not be winning an Oscar any time soon…