If you have been following me for awhile, you know Ruth as our longtime nanny. She has been our nanny since Mazzy was 6 months old. Both of our lives have changed tremendously since then, but through it all, we have adjusted our schedules and figured out how she can continue to work for us and be such a wonderful influence and caregiver for our girls.

Ruth is from Paraguay and for the past ten years, I have watched her go through the long, arduous process of applying for her Green Card and then American citizenship. It was not an easy road and there were many times when I thought it might not happen for her. But she persisted. She built a family and a life in this country, had a child of her own, and earlier this year, after years of applications, renewals, interviews and tests, Ruth was finally sworn in as a US citizen. It was a good reminder that as awful as it currently feels to reside in this country, it is still a path to freedom and opportunity for so many people.

Back in February, as I was walking through NYC with a bouquet of red, white and blue balloons to celebrate Ruth’s huge accomplishment, I was very aware of what these colors have come to symbolize. But our flag does not belong to Trump and his supporters. It also belongs to Ruth, and people like my grandparents, who all fought so hard to be here.

I asked Ruth if she wanted to write about what becoming a citizen means to her. She said, “This land has given me wonderful things. I met incredible people and my daughter was born here. I know where I come from, but I also know where I am today, and most of all who I want to be. Never forget your roots and never give up on your dreams. Today, I accomplished another milestone in my life. One of the greatest, I believe. I became an American citizen. As many people know, it is not easy. But I made it. I’m proud to be here and I will keep pursuing happiness on my path.”

Congratulations, Ruth. I hope America delivers on its promise.