Tuesday was Mazzy's first day of preschool. For the life of me, I could not get her to stand still and smile for the camera. Is this what my daughter's life has come to? Looking forlornly toward the sidewalk wondering where the toddler years went?

I spent about 45 minutes on the street trying to get a good photo before school. Usually, I like candids but I just wanted that one quintessential shot where she's smiling straight at camera with her backpack on.

This is what I got instead…

Photo (29)

FYI- I'm not going to talk much about school. Mainly because the NYC school system scares the crap out of me. Seriously. As we get closer to applying for kindergarten, I don't want this blog to come back to bite me. And by "me", I mean "Mazzy and her chances of getting a quality education".

Which kind of sucks because there are SO MANY THINGS I COULD SAY about the NYC kindergarten application process. All of which you've probably read in the New York Times and thought were greatly exaggerated… but NOPE. It's all very accurate.

Public, private, charter, G&T… It all makes my brain hurt.

I will say one thing.

Mazzy swtiched to a new preschool this year. Whenever anybody asks where she is going to school, Mazzy replies, "The New School". Interestingly, "The New School" happens to be the name of a university in Manhattan, so people seem confused. They look at me for clarification, but I just nod my head and smile, like I am raising their next president.

What else happened this week?

• I made Babble's Top 20 Baby Photo Blogs

Mazzy started a pinterest board.


• My office (aka my kitchen counter) was featured on "where bloggers blog".

• Harlow was cute as usual…


I made a GIF at fashion week.

• I named @andreamful September's InstaParent of the Month

• Mazzy drew a totally identifiable object.


• And lastly, we all wondered "what the fox says?" (although I hear the video is actually pretty accurate)

I know I still have to pick the winners of the "Beautiful Morning" photo contest. The photographer has been away on vacation and the plan is to pick them later today. So, now would be your last chance to enter

Next week, I am starting a really exciting photo contest with a big prize. If you'd like to get ahead of the game and possibly be featured in the contest intro, post a picture of your kid in his/her best superhero pose on my facebook page. Costume optional.

I'd say, "I'll see you next week!" as usual, except tomorrow, I'll be having a special weekend giveaway.

And by "special", I mean I overbooked myself this week.

See you Saturday!

— Mommy Shorts 

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners— Ilona from Queens, J from Brooklyn, Annie from Maplewood NJ, Teresa from the Upper West Side and Borami from Hoboken. I hope you can put on pants before the photographer shows up at 6am. Or not. Up to you. Look for an email from me shortly!