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After living in Manhattan for my entire adult life, there has been only one major NYC phenomenon that has eluded me. Well, I'm sure there are more but they are probably too cool for me to even be aware of, so I don't want to think about them.

I'm talking about FASHION WEEK. 

You knew that, because it was right up there in the title of this post. I was so excited I couldn't even bury the lede.

Vaseline invited me to attend "Strut – The Fashion Moms Show" as a backstage blogger, to check out the models putting Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer to the test before getting dressed to strut down the runway.

This also meant I got to walk into the iconic white tent like I belonged there, ogle everyone's dresses and then watch from the first row.

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Before I left, I posted a picture on Instagram of my shoe options, asking which one I should wear with my black peplum Halston (remember when I posted about that dress awhile back?).

Unfortunately, I left before the results were in and according to Instagram, I chose wrong.

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People overwhelmingly said "the black shoe all the way to the left" and I went with the black shoe on my foot. Oh well. The fashion police didn't arrest me, so I guess it was okay.

That's me on the right, sitting next to Monica from Macaroni Kid NYC.

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Backstage, I ate cookies (because someone had to), hobnobbed with major NYC sports stars (and by hobnobbed, I mean snuck a photo and then emailed my husband with the caption, "Who are these people?"), and sprayed Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer LIKE A BOSS.

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FYI- that is CC Sabathia from the New York Yankees and Amare Stoudemire from the Knicks.

However, my night was officially made when I spotted Jay Emmanuel in a sparkly jacket. (If you know who that is, we can be best friends who SMIZE forever.)

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The show consisted of real moms decked out in high fashions walking the runway with their kids. Each mom was walking to promote a charity of their choice. Thankfully, nobody pulled a "Carrie". Not even the pregnant moms in heels.

There was one little girl that sprinted back up the runway and then ran back and forth for a bit in the entrance. She was my favorite because that would have totally been Mazzy.


After the show was over, I was invited to Vaseline's after party at the Time Warner Center— where the highlight (besides the alcohol) was the Spray & Go GIF-making machine.

FYI- Using a GIF-making machine is kind of like taking pictures in a photo booth, except you have no idea what's happening and as a result, totally forget how to look like a normal human being.

The GIF station had you follow Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer's simple after-shower routine– spray up one leg, switch hands, spray down the other leg and quickly rub in– to show how the entire process takes less than 10 seconds. Plus, your skin is left moisturized and soft – never greasy.


I actually stopped using body lotion after I had kids because showers (and all that came with them) became less of a luxury. It was all about showering in the least amount of time and as a result, after-shower moisturizing got the axe. Spray & Go promises to moisturize deeply and dry quickly so you can immediately put on your clothes. 

So. If you've ever wanted to see a stop action video of me applying moisturizer, TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!!!

Here it is:


The first face is me concentrating SUPER HARD, the second is me thinking "oh yes, spray moisturizer, I remember now", the third is me thinking "I feel stupid so check out my nervous laugh!" and the fourth is "OH, now I get it. Can we try that again???"

Thank you to Vaseline for inviting me to this fantastic event. I can now cross "attend a fashion show at fashion week" off my bucket list.

Next up? Making out with Ryan Gosling. Who wants to sponsor me? 


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