The Exact Instructions Challenge is something that has been floating around YouTube passed from family to family to family. Basically it involves kids writing down instructions to do simple household tasks like brushing your teeth or making toast and then passing them on to their parents who must follow them exactly.

The catch being— if the instructions don’t say to remove the toothpaste cap, take the waffle out of the box, put the spoon in your mouth, etc., then you can’t do it and must continue following the instructions regardless.

After watching a few “Exact Instructions Challenges” from the Eh Bee family, the Holderness family and My Life Suckers, we finally got challenged by Baby Sideburns.

My plan was to do it with Mazzy and Harlow, but then Mazzy ended up having two friends come over who wanted to do it too. It all got a little out of hand from there.

Watch Mazzy, Harlow, Gavin, Luke and Skyler try and fail to instruct me on how to make a bowl of ice cream, defrost a frozen waffle and make a cup of coffee— in that order. Minus the numerous bare feet on the counter, I think I kept all the kids mostly in check.

Also, before everyone rushes to tell me that Harlow is sitting in a “W” shape and that’s really bad for her development, I KNOW. I correct her all the time. I just didn’t notice she was doing it while filming. But, truth be told, Mazzy used to sit like that all the time and now she is just fine so I am not too worried about it. END RANT.

Your turn, Fashion By Mayhem and Little Miss Party!

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