After weeks and weeks of wiggling and wiggling and then a few more weeks of trying everything in her power not to touch it because she got totally freaked out by a little bit of blood, Mazzy’s tooth finally fell out at the very uneventful location of… the dentist.

Mike was with her, not me, so I can’t really say exactly how it went down. She says, “It just came out. The dentist didn’t do it.” I have to take her word for it, even though it sounds suspicious.

Yesterday evening, I walked in the door after work and Mazzy smiled a big toothy grin with one less tooth to show me the big news. It’s happening. My little girl is becoming a big girl with grown-up teeth. I don’t think I can handle it.

It’s a good thing it finally came out because her new grown-up tooth is already almost fully grown a full centimeter behind it. The dentist says her upper teeth have plenty of room for big teeth to grow in, but the bottom is a little crowded. I guess she won’t be sidestepping the whole braces part of adolescence. Hopefully, she won’t have to wear them in high school like me, which was, ummmm… CHARACTER BUILDING.

Then Mazzy went on and on about the tooth fairy, wondering aloud what this very mysterious fairy was going to bring her.

ME: I think she gives money.

MAZZY: No, not always money. She also gives LEGO sets.

ME: She does? Who told you that?

MAZZY: A kid on YouTube.

Damnit, YouTube!

ME: I’m not sure what happened on YouTube, but I’m pretty sure the Tooth Fairy only gives out money.

TRANSLATION: It’s 7pm and the Tooth Fairy does not keep any extra LEGO sets at home for gift-giving purposes. Also, LEGO Sets are usually well outside the standard rate for first teeth, which is $5 for your first tooth and $1 for every tooth after, according to all Mazzy’s friends who have lost teeth before her.

FYI, the Tooth Fairy was originally going to give a $2 bill and even secured one just for Mazzy, but then a few days ago, a random dad gave every kid in Mazzy’s class a $2 bill for no reason whatsoever (except to be NICE, I guess) and there went that plan. Or at least that’s the rumor. I haven’t spoken to the tooth fairy about it personally.

MAZZY: Where does the tooth fairy live?

ME: I don’t know if anyone knows where the tooth fairy lives. It’s a mystery.

MAZZY: God knows where she lives.

Huh. I’ve never heard that used literally before and not as a figure of speech.

ME: Uhhh…yeah. I guess he does.

MAZZY: How does she know I lost a tooth?

ME: She just knows.

MAZZY: How does she know where I live?

ME: She just knows.

MAZZY: How does she get in?

ME: I don’t know. I’ve never seen her.

MIKE: I think she’s very tiny and can squeeze through door cracks.

HARLOW: She flies in on her wand!

We don’t really talk much about Santa around here so this magical stuff is really fun and kind of new to us. Except maybe if you count the Mensch. Part of me can’t believe she really thinks this is real and the other part hopes she believes as long as possible.

Although once my friend told his son that he was friends with the Ninja Turtles and then at school another kid said the Ninja Turtles weren’t real and my friend’s son said, “Yes, they are! My dad is friends with them!” And that ended up being a very embarrassing day for him. It was also a day when he came home and called his dad a liar, so not good all around.

I guess what I’m saying is— I’d like Mazzy to believe in the Tooth Fairy up until it might come back to bite her in the cafeteria.

Mazzy, are you reading this? Well, if so, the Tooth Fairy is 100% real.

Mazzy put her tooth in a little Tooth Fairy Pillow I bought on Amazon I bought on Amazon (weeks and weeks ago when the tooth was on a thread and seemed like it would fall out any second.) See the teeny tiny baby tooth at the top of the picture?


She was looking for paper to write a note and I found these random cards in a drawer that had a picture of a fairy on it. We both agreed that they were perfect. (Then later when I was looking for a note card for the Tooth Fairy to write her back, I realized those cards were probably intended to be cards from the Tooth Fairy and briefly wished I could go back in time and do it all over. Alas, that was not possible. Sigh.)

This is the tooth fairy card after Mazzy gave her black boots:


After Mazzy finished writing, she spent a good hour drawing a picture on the card. Which was really cute and also GRADE A BEDTIME STALLING.

MAZZY: Maybe if I make the tooth fairy a really special drawing, she will make me a really special drawing back.

ME: Uhhhh…yeah. I guess, we’ll see………..

Here is Mazzy’s card:


If you can’t read it, which is totally understandable, it says…

Dear Tooth Fairy, My name is Mazzy. I lost a tooth. Do you like drawing? Love, Mazzy

Yes, I know that “Do you like drawing?” looks like “Do you like brownies?” but that’s because sometimes Mazzy reverses her letters. I’m glad I was there when she wrote it or else I would have fully thought it said brownies which would have been way more random than drawing and I never would have been able to go back and ask her about it.

Also, the cross-out is because she spelled “like” wrong but then went back and spelled it wrong the same exact way. I’m telling you this not to make fun but because I think it’s adorable.

If you are wondering about the girl in a cage on the top with the witch, Mazzy’s drawings lately are very detailed and often tell a whole story with good guys and bad guys. I’m assuming the Tooth Fairy is the good guy in this scenario. Or the good fairy, if you will.

After Mazzy was done (finally), I told the kids that they had to go to sleep because the Tooth Fairy would not come if they were still up, which is 110% true.

Then I went to bed and sometime in the night the Tooth Fairy must have borrowed my gold glitter nail polish and painted a $5 bill. I also suspect she looked for glitter all over the apartment, came up short and then in a moment of brilliance, came up with the nail polish idea.


The Tooth Fairy also took Mazzy’s drawing request to heart and worked really hard to draw a picture that is ten times better than anything I could have ever drawn myself. It’s a self portrait of her sitting on a swing hanging from a rainbow with a bucket of teeth resting on a cloud. She wrote Mazzy a letter and included some important information about keeping your teeth clean. FYI, the Tooth Fairy only likes super clean teeth.


At least, that’s what I think happened. I can’t say for sure because you know, the Tooth Fairy did this while we were all sleeping.

By the way, I also suspect that the Tooth Fairy may have entered the room a few times, saw Mazzy shift in her bed and ran back out terrified that she would wake up and catch her. It’s not that easy to find a card and a tooth under a pillow on a top bunk, you know.

Mazzy woke up this morning extra early and ran in with her card. She was both excited and a little  “The tooth fairy came! She took the tooth!”

ME: Did you open the card?

MAZZY: Not yet.

She ripped it open.

MAZZY: I got $5! That’s a lot! It’s all sparkly! Are these sparkles?

ME: Oooooh. Looks like it.

MAZZY: Maybe it’s pixie dust.

ME: Maybe… Look, she made you a drawing!

MAZZY: I know! It’s really tiny.

MIKE: Well, she’s really small so maybe that’s why.

MAZZY: Right. It’s a picture of me on a swing hanging from a rainbow next to a bucket of gold!

ME: Maybe it’s the tooth fairy on a swing next to a bucket of teeth.

MAZZY: No. That’s me.

ME: Okay.

MAZZY: Maybe that is a bucket of teeth though.

ME: Maybe.

MAZZY: Do you think she drew this picture here or back at her house?

ME: I really have no idea.

Of course, I wouldn’t. Only the tooth fairy knows that.


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