Sunday is the Oscars. The only reason I even know this is because I wrote a sponsored post for Babble about the new Oscars app.

I used to love the Oscars but that was when going to the movies was part of my regular life. Now, going to the movies is a VERY SPECIAL EVENT that only happens once or twice a year. It might as well be a trip to Paris or better yet, THE MOON, considering we have to add about $70 in babysitting money on top of the already high ticket prices.

In a past life, I made sure to see every movie before awards season. I threw Oscar parties in which I almost always won the pool. I not only got the best picture right, I got the best sound editing and the best animated short right too.

This year, I have seen a grand total of one nominated movie. Mike and I saw Argo right before I gave birth because I knew I might never see the inside of a theater again. 

But I couldn't let my Oscar Pool tradition go, so here's one designed specifically for new parents.

Alright, really just for me.

For those of you who still care, voting for the Parents Magazine Blog Awards ends on Sunday. I am going to make one final plea to vote for me for "Most Likely to Make You Laugh" by clicking here. You all are my only shot at getting out of second place.

You can vote today, tomorrow and Sunday. But no matter what, come Monday, I promise I will be back to my non-begging self.

Also! If you have a baby with ridiculous hair, please post it on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage.

After my post of Harlow's epic hair yesterday, I have decided to do a HATS OFF BABY HAIRDOWN. That's code for a contest to find the funniest head of baby hair.

Even though, I'm pretty sure the funniest head of baby hair is currently trying to free herself from a Miracle Blanket directly to my right.

Have a great weekend!

— Mommy Shorts