You know that amazing part of Mother's Day when your three-year-old daughter runs into your bed first thing in the morning, refuses to give you a hug and then snuggles up with Daddy?

And then a half hour later, after the the two of them have been giggling and hugging eachother exclusively, you say, "Hey. Isn't anybody going to wish me a Happy Mother's Day?" and your daughter says, "Noooooooooooooo!"

And then your husband says, "Come on, Mazzy. Wish Mommy a Happy Mother's Day." And she repeats, "Noooooooooooooo!" and then runs out of the bed into the hallway?

And then your husband shrugs as if that's all he can do and you say, "Aren't I supposed to get pancakes in bed or something?"

And then your daughter yells from the hallway, "No pancakes in bed! Then you'll get syrup everywhere and make a mess!"

And your husband yells, "Yeah, Mommy! No pancakes in bed!"

And you have to agree because you've just spent the better part of two years convincing your daughter that she can't eat pancakes with syrup anywhere but the kitchen table?

So then you lay in bed while your husband and your daughter go into the kitchen to make pancakes to eat at the table and listen as your husband whispers, "Why won't you wish Mommy a Happy Mother's Day?" and your daughter says in the exact opposite of a whisper, "Because I don't waaaaaaaaaant to!"

And your husband repeats himself until your daughter gets upset and you have to scream from the bedroom, "It's okay! She's doesn't have to wish me a Happy Mother's Day if she doesn't want to!"


And then you come into the kitchen and eat your stupid pancakes at the stupid table (which are chocolate chip banana pancakes and thus, insanely delicious) and wonder what on earth you could have possibly done wrong to deserve a daughter who cannot find it within herself to say, "Thank you Mom for carrying me for nine months, pushing me out of your vagina, breastfeeding for one year and then dealing with my bullshit for the next two. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM!!!!"

The day was not all bad.

Mike took Mazzy to soccer and I got to have a nice couple of hours alone with Harlow who did me the huge favor of sleeping for the majority of the time, so I could take a well-deserved shower.




Then we all went to my mom's house (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO HER!), including my very pregnant sister (HAPPY SOON-TO-BE MOTHER'S DAY, DR. B!) and had an absolutely lovely time playing in the backyard, barbequing on the patio and rolling around in a huge inflatable ball that took Mike half the day to blow up with a hand pump.


So fun, in fact, that when it came time to go home, Mazzy yelled, "Noooooooooooo!!!! I don't want to go home!!!!!"

Mazzy and I did have a few moments between us that were very specialโ€” like when she gave me the handmade (and laminated!) necklace she made in preschool. Yes, I know every mom in the class got the same one but she still seemed very proud.


Mike got me a gift certificate for a spa, obviously forgetting this means he just committed to watching the kids on the weekend or else I'll never be able to redeem it. Thanks, hon!

By the end of the day, I found myself saying that it was the perfect Mother's Day regardless of whether or not Mazzy was willing to acknowlede it was Mother's Day.

Back at home, I put Mazzy to bed as usual. After our books were over, I hung around a little longer as she made me tell stories and knock knock jokes, part of our nightly ritual.

Then, as I always do before I leave her room for the night, I told Mazzy three things I love about her. In addition to telling her things like "I love that you are so confident" and "I love that you give the tightest hugs", I usually incorporate things that showed good behavior during the day, like "I love that you tried to put your shoes on all by yourself" and "I love that you are good at sharing with your friends".

After I was done with my three things, Mazzy asked if she could tell me three things she loved about me. Don't get weepy. She's done this beforeโ€” it's just a very effective stalling technique. As usual, I fell into her trap and said, "Okay."

She said, "I love that you are so good at giving me food" and "I love that you are so good at helping me clean-up" and "I love that you are so good at putting on my shoes."

I laughed and said, "Alright. Goodnight, Mazzy, sleep tight."

And then she said it.


"Yes, Mazzy?"

"I love you so much."

"Awwww… I love you too Mazzy. So much."

She smiled through the darkness at me. 

"Do you want to wish me a Happy Mother's Day?"


I should learn to quit while I'm ahead.


How was your Mother's Day? If it was than ideal, now's your chance to spill it. But I want to hear about the good stuff too.

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