Can you believe Harlow is six months-old already? Boy, time flies when you don't have one second for yourself.

She's been on her first swing, she's blowing raspberries, she's sitting with a little bit of assistance, she's flipping over like a crazy baby on a mission when I try to change her diaper, and holy crap, the girl is CRAWLING.


It's kind of like an army crawl— she pushes with her legs, pulls with her arms but she can't really get her chest up off the ground. But she's QUICK. She can go across the living room floor in under a minute. Particularly if Mazzy is playing with something that looks intriguing.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 3.14.32 PM

Mazzy, who is typically amazing with Harlow, has started to yell at her a little bit over the toy thing.

I expected more of a whiny, "Moooooom, Harlow's taking my tooooooooys…." but instead, it's more like a short stern scolding directed straight at Harlow, "No, Harlow! You DO NOT play with this toy!"

Listening to her, I'm like— Is that me? It must be, right? Mazzy's imitating how I sound when I tell her not to do things?

If anything, it's made me watch my tone with Mazzy because it is NOT cute when she turns the tables.


The other thing we've been experimenting with is solids. So far, we've just tried cereal, which she's not very interested in. She makes a face that looks like she's on one of those Survivor Challenges where they are forced to eat beetles and buffalo intestines. But, she does appear to be swallowing instead of pushing it out of her mouth. 

Next up, we'll try some mashed veggies although I'm doubtful she'll enjoy the homemade baby food we made with Mazzy. Just one more instance where the second kid gets shortchanged.

With that in mind, check out this adorable slow motion video of kids eating foods like olives, vegemite and lemons for the first time. Although, I'll probably start with mashed peas or sweet potatoes before introducing Harlow to anything as sophisticated as a pickled onion or a gherkin.

We'll save that for month seven.


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So far, the submissions have been AWESOME. We've got haristyles that run the gamut from "The Marge Simpson" to "The Wilford Brimley".


Photos clockwise from top left: @lifewithroozle, @elm31881, @mannlymama, @littellarksblog on Instagram.

Harlow would have lost this contest big time.

Have a great weekend!

— Mommy Shorts