Today is Pub Day!!!! That’s publishing lingo for the day my book officially releases! But you knew that, because it’s pretty obvious. Not only will people be receiving pre-ordered books in the mail today, you’ll also be able to find it in STORES! Woohoo!

The best thing to happen so far today was that I got to sit across from Michael Strahan on Good Morning America and talk about my book! How did I score that plum gig? Still have no idea. My husband is so jealous. I actually attempted to tell Michael Strahan that my husband says hi (like that means anything) but I called him my dad instead. Then I corrected myself and called him my father. Thankfully, all of this was after the cameras stopped rolling.

So, was I nervous? YOU BET I WAS.


First of all, I had no idea that Good Morning America had recently implemented a large studio audience, so I was not expecting to talk in front of a few hundred people in the same room. Secondly, the debates were last night so I’m thinking that morning television will get higher ratings than usual. I was also a little nervous about being in the 8am-8:30am time slot when things are more serious and people might be like, “What’s this parenting crap? Can we get back to talking about how many times Donald Trump sniffled during the debates???” Thirdly, right after I sat down, the producer came over to pull my skirt down and tuck it under my leg so I was like— Oh! Better not move that leg the whole time!

But then, Michael Strahan came up to me before the segment and put me at ease. “I just want to tell you— I love your book.”

Now, he probably says that to everybody who comes on to chat about their books but then he said, “I wish it were around when I first had kids” and then I felt immediately better. Because that’s exactly why I wrote this book— to make parents feel better about their parenting! See? Even pro-football turned morning television talk show hosts are remarkably average parents! Just like the rest of us!

Here’s the full segment. It was filmed by Mike at home with Harlow watching so you get to hear her commentary. She gets excited when she sees herself and makes a comment about the dress I’m wearing being the same dress I was wearing this morning, because I don’t think she understands the concept of LIVE quite yet. If you want to see it without Harlow’s commentary, you can watch it here.

As a whole, I think it went well! They totally plugged the crap out of the book in the intro and I felt like they’d already sold it before I got to speak, which definitely made me less worried about what I was going to say. The actual interview was short but I think I got my point across. And I want to marry the make-up people and bring them home with me.

The morning wouldn’t be complete without one last photo opportunity. My agent spotted Robin Roberts out the door of the green room and told me to ask her to take a picture with me. “I can’t do that!!!” So we took the picture below instead. I call it a “Remarkably Average Attempt to Get a Photo with a Celebrity.”

Or, if you prefer— “The Reverse Photobomb.”


If only my book was a mug.

You can buy your copy of the book here or find it on shelves wherever books are sold! And please, if you like the book, leave a review on Amazon! If you take a photo of the book, use the hashtag #mommyshortsbook on Instagram.

Next up is my book tour (thank you for making that happen, Plum Organics!) which starts tonight at the Barnes & Noble in Manhasset, Long Island at 7pm. Tomorrow night, I’ll be at the Strand in NYC. You can see the rest of the cities and tour dates here.

Wish me luck!!!