I found this handy chart over at NickMom. Mazzy would have to agree with everything (especially the intrigue of a tampon) with the exception of a toddler's interpretation of an iPhone.

Is it bad that Mazzy views the iPhone as the most interesting item on earth eclipsing all other toys, amusement park rides, and both of her parents trying to entertain her at once? If she ever gets her hands on a smart device, she holds onto that thing for dear life. An iPhone in my daughter's hands is safer than putting it in one of those 10" thick rubberized bulletproof carrying cases.

I know because I have physically tried to remove it from her hands and it is damn near impossible.

Since I am celebrating Rosh Hashanah today (for the non-Jews— celebrating entails bribing Mazzy with wads of Challah to stay seated at dinner, trying unsuccessfully to wipe honey out of Mazzy's hair with a napkin and constantly moving candles to keep them as far away from her sticky little bread filled paws as possible), I am turning you over to NickMom for your Monday entertainment.

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