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Two years ago, when I first started using Pinterest, it was when I was creating a home office space and I wanted a place to pin all the desks and chairs I was interested in buying. The next board I created was a wish list for Mazzy’s second birthday. I didn’t follow anybody and nobody followed me. 

Since then, Pinterest has become a huge social media platform to pin all the funny things I find online, the crafts I’ll never attempt with my kids, the Minnie Mouse cupcakes I’ll never bake, and the home remedies I hope I’ll remember that one time a crayon actually melts into my carpet.

Now, I’ve got a bunch of followers and it no longer feels like the place to create a virtual shopping list. I don’t think anyone wants to join me on my quest for the perfect paper towel holder or open up their feed to find my extensive exploratory on beds with built-in storage. 

So I was intrigued when a new social sharing site called “Sweet Relish” invited me to curate all my shopping lists with them. They call themselves “the secret sauce of shopping” and it’s basically a space where you can organize potential online purchases as well as follow other people’s lists.

Whenever you find an item online that you might want to purchase at some point in the future, you just click the relish button in your browser (used the same way as a ‘pin it’ button) and add the item to one of your shopping lists without it taking you away from your current site.


It’s like putting items on hold at different stores but all in one place.

I’m sure most people will use Sweet Relish to create lists like “Handbags I Dream About at Night” and “Must-have Sandals for Summer”, but I decided this was a great opportunity to be super practical. I created a list of all the items in my make-up bag that I purchase over and over again.

This way, the next time Sephora decides it will be fun to stop carrying a product after they have me completely hooked on it (WHY DO YOU DO THIS ALL THE TIME, SEPHORA, WHY????), I’ll be able to source a new place to buy it while still keeping all my frequently-purchased make-up items in one easy-to-access master list.

Below is a peek into “My Make-up Bag”


FYI- If you are going to trust me on anything besides baby gear, it’s make-up. I have never been someone who can pull off “natural” without a bunch of concealers, powders and brushes. I try everything and buy what stays on my face without looking cake-y. (If you want to ask me any questions about my choices, I promise to answer you in the comment section.)

Here is how “My Make-Up Bag” looks organized on Sweet Relish— all with prices (yes, I know I pay an obscene amount for eye cream and concealer but it takes a village to cover up my under-eye circles), plus notifications if they go on sale and buttons to buy. 

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I even wrote all my preferred shades in the comment section, so I’ll never risk sharpening off pertinent information again.

Next up, thanks to their easy share and email features, I think I’ll create a list called “Items I Make Mike Pick Up for Me” to prevent me from texting my husband messages like “please pick up ________ from _________” along with idiot-proof pictures like this:


Am I the only one who does this?

I know that “Items I Make Mike Pick Up for Me” might not give you a reason to follow me, but I promise— after I’m done being practical, I’ll start relishing some handbags and some shoes.

If you’d like to follow my lists on Sweet Relish or create your own, click here.


This is a sponsored post from Sweet Relish but all of the thoughts and opinions are my own.