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If you are a regular reader, you might have noticed I have been posting later and later each day this week. Today I am posting so late, I think it might be tomorrow. The problem is Harlow and her love of the hours between 7:30pm-11pm which is normally my blog-writing time.

That's her in the picture up top at roughly 10:30pm. Have you ever seen a baby more awake in your life?

Harlow is not the kind of baby you can put down and walk away from either. She moans and groans like I've abandoned her in a parking lot, instead of just slightly to my left. Then when I come back over, she flashes the hugest happiest smile like she can't believe I could possibly have anything else to do, since life is clearly so much better when the two of us are staring at one another.

Writing the blog has been tougher than I expected since I had my second. I'm still trying to figure out how to handle it exactly, but for now, you'll just have to bear with me if my posting schedule is a little irregular.

Also, I know I mentioned last week that I would be talking about going back to work (I started a freelance job two weeks ago), but now the project has been put on hold so I am off again. Which is actually fine since I went back to work a little earlier than I was expecting, so now I get to make up that time. But it also means my working mom status seems to be shades of gray at the moment which is confusing to write about. If I reference working in an office one week and then staying home the next, I'm not crazy, I'm just living the life of a freelancer and it changes all the time.

Now, I'm gonna be super selfish and ask you to vote for me in the Parents Blog Awards for "Most Likely To Make You Laugh". Unfortunately, I've slipped to second place. More like fallen dramatically. You can help me recover by voting once a day until February 24th by clicking here. I think I get a feature in Parents Magazine if I win so it's a pretty big deal. Otherwise, I'd spare myself the indignity of begging.

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Here are four of my favorite LOVE themed photos tagged to #instashorts_love so far.


That's @noahbearsmamabear in the upper left with the awesome tattoo and then continuing clockwise @car_sar, @smidt and @designthoughts1. Thanks for submitting your beautiful photos! Contest goes until March 1st.

Just to end on an even more sappy note, Mazzy had her first Hershey Kiss on Thursday. Now she keeps telling me to blow her kisses and pretends to catch them. Then she pretends to unwrap the 'kiss', puts it in her mouth and says, "Mmmmm…Chocolate!" Too freakin' cute.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

— Mommy Shorts