Did you just read the title? This is the first time I am calling my daughter TWO. Mazzy is not yet two though. She's got a whole week and a day before she is officially over the hill.

By the way, did you know that it is illegal to have someone in an Elmo costume at your child's party? Yep. So my original birthday party plan has been foiled. I'M DEVASTATED!!!! (Read with heavy dose of sarcasm.)

Another thing. I called this post a "holiday wish list" when actually it is her "birthday wish list" but as everyone else will do for the rest of her life, I'm gonna lump all gifts together.

Get used to it, kid.


1) P'kolino Toddler Chair ($40) to sit at the coffee table since she now despises her high chair.

2) Play-doh Case of Colors ($10). She actually brought home some homemade play-doh from school but it was disgusting and stuck to everything. I'll take the the unorganic kind with lots of chemicals please. 

3) Minnie Mouse sweatshirt from Zara ($29). I have given in to licensed characters completely. They make her happy.


4) Bugaboo Footmuff ($129). For cold days in the stroller on the streets of NYC. This is the toddler equivalent to the gift of socks.

5) Mini Acoustic Guitar ($49). We have a regular sized acoustic guitar (that no one knows how to play) and Mazzy tries desperately to sit with it correctly. Alas, it is way too big. 

6) Maileg Mum and Dad Mice in Cigar Box ($39). Cause they are just the cutest things you've ever seen in your life.  


7) Gund Abby Cadabby Plush Toy ($14). Her new favorite Sesame Street character. The other day we were at a toy store and Mazzy shouted "WAND!" "How did she know that?" asked the saleslady. "SIGH. Abby Cadabby." And so it begins.

8) Mini Kickboard Scooter ($85). Mazzy's been stealing them at the playground lately. I need to buy her one before the park police show up at my door.

9) P'kolino Kid's Multi-Use Art Easel ($100). I'm hoping this will help prevent Mazzy from drawing on the dining room table. I'm running out of wood cleaner.


10) Sparkly Sticker Album ($8) Do you know how hard this was to find? I was looking for an old school sticker album like I used in the '80s but they do not exist. Kids still love stickers, right? Why no sticker albums? 

11) A week's worth of barettes from The Littlest Bean ($20). It's her signature look and she's lost all the fancy ones. We've moved onto drugstore variety. Time to step it up again.

12) Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike ($100). Full disclosure: I was sent one for free to review. Mazzy loves it and I'll be talking more about it next week.


13) Maileg red wooden pram ($28). Maker of the matchbox mice. Seriously— check out their whole site. I want to be eight years old and redecorate my bedroom with everything they make.

14) The Muppets Exclusive Plush Beaker ($23). We went to the Disney Store a few weeks ago and Mazzy immediately became obsessed with Kermit. She still is. I think Beaker would make an excellent friend.

15) Castle Play Tent ($44). Mazzy demands I make a tent daily. My sheets are suffering. Note: I wasn't looking to contribute to the whole princess thing but this was the nicest tent I could find. 


16) Schoenhut 25 Key Piano ($50). Have you seen Mazzy's ABCs? Her Fisher Price five key piano doesn't cut it anymore.

17) Bugaboo Wheel Board ($99). Somewhere for Mazzy to stand when she doesn't want to get strapped into her stoller and I'm not patient enough to wait for her to walk.

18) Tickets to Sesame Street Live (from $22 – $165 a person) For $165, I better be able to beat Elmo like a pinata backstage. 


19) Green Toys Tea Set ($18). Mazzy wants nothing more than to join us in the morning when we drink our coffee. Don't worry, we'll give her decaf. I mean, WATER.

20) LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet ($200). If yesterday's post is any indication, we need an iPad stand-in STAT. Because there is only one person that gets more upset without the iPad than my daughter and that's ME.

21) LeapPad Explorer Carrying Case ($18) Protect that $200 piece of toddler equipment with your life!


22) A pet monkey. Obviously.

You can find most of these gifts plus others in the holiday gift guide section of the Mommy Shorts Shop (powered by Amazon). Find the 2 year old gifts listed above by clicking here. I also have sections for products featured on Mommy Shorts, Mazzy's favorite books, and developmental toys recommended by Dr. B.

If you purchase from the shop, I make a little itsy bitsy commission— even if you start your search there but end up buying something else. So it's almost like you are giving twice…

What's on top of your kid's holiday wish list?


Remember my $300 Beso Shopping Spree giveaway? The winner will be randomly determined on Tuesday but I am also going to take my ten favorite "WORST GIFT" entries and pit them against each other for a prize. How does one of those awesome photo canvases sound?

Probably better than the can of cashews Jacqueline got for her sweet sixteen!

You can still enter for a chance at either prize here.