Before Harlow was born, I was terrified of putting my two girls in the same room together. Mazzy is not a delicate child. She climbs all over everything and can play a little rough. I didn't know if she would understand that a baby requires a more careful touch. I imagined her tossing toys into Harlow's crib, flipping her whole body inside while Harlow was sleeping or smothering her with a blanket unintentionally. 

On Friday, Harlow will be three months old, which has always been the day we said we would transition her out of the bassinet in our bedroom into the crib in Mazzy's room.

It will be the day that 'Mazzy's room' officially becomes 'Mazzy and Harlow's room'.

We've told Mazzy since before Harlow was born that her little sister would eventually be moving in. We've cleared drawers, redid the closet and squeezed a crib into the corner that used to house Mazzy's glider chair and reading lamp. 

Through all this, Mazzy hasn't blinked. In fact, she has unwavered in her excitement. She even helped me transfer her stuff to a different drawer, weeding out clothing she no longer wanted to make room for Harlow's wardrobe.

I'm not sure how Mazzy will react when "the big move" actually happens, but I'm no longer worried about her hurting the baby. Much to my relief, Mazzy has never been more gentle or loving than when she is around her baby sister. 

The picture up top is my favorite picture of Mazzy and Harlow so far. Every other picture I have of them together is the top of Mazzy's head blocking Harlow entirely. Why? Because Mazzy loves giving Harlow impromptu forehead kisses and there is just no way to get a good shot.

Believe me, I've tried.


In addition to frequent kisses, Mazzy makes Harlow presents at school, she tells her she loves her repeatedly, and runs to give her a pacifier every time she starts crying. Or she'll scream for me to get the pacifier, which might be slightly insulting, but it's still a show of concern for her sister's well-being.

Yesterday, Mazzy drew Harlow's portrait. She sat down directly in front of her, drawing tablet in hand, and very seriously, tried to capture the essence of her sister.


Below is Harlow complete with big eyes, crazy hair and spit-up coming out of her mouth. I think Mazzy pretty much nailed it.


Also, there is no better sound than Mazzy saying her little sister's name out loud. "HarrrrrLOOOOH". She enunciates the last syllable like she's a valley girl. I love it. 

Remember on Monday when I told the story about trying to get Mazzy to leave the house without her Boo? Do you know how we finally got her to do it?

We told her Harlow would watch it for her.

Harlow was sitting in her boppy and Mazzy laid that purple rag over her with so much care it practically made me cry. I know their relationship has barely begun, but in that moment, when Mazzy bravely gave Harlow her blankie before she walked out the door, it was her greatest symbol of love and sisterhood. 


Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet girls.

May you have eachother always.