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Yesterday, if you didn't see it, I was on Good Morning America. Talking about spanking, of all things, in a pre-taped interview.

The interview was with Amy Robach, who asked questions of both me (position: anti-spanking) and fellow Babble writer, Joanna Mazewski (position: pro-spanking).

In the clip aired, it looked like I had remarkably little to say about the topic.

Direct excerpt from piece:

AMY: Is there ever a situation in which you think spanking is appropriate?

ME: No……………………. no.

I swear, I put together a few fully formed sentences as well. I prefer to think I spoke so little on camera because Joanna's position was much more newsworthy, as opposed to me sounding like a bumbling idiot who needed to be kept off the air.

On Babble today, I am fully explaining my position on spanking— trying my best not to come off as completely self-righteous and more like someone who just follows whatever my sister (the one with the PHD in school psychology) tells me to do.

But I thought you all might like to know a few of the more interesting details from my first TV appearance— things that have absolutely nothing to do with the controversial topic at hand.

1. As you all know, I am five months pregnant. I will blame that for my bloated appearance. My friends all said I looked great, so either they are all lying or I look way worse in real life than I think.

2. Joanna's kids were there throughout the interview but Mazzy didn't come until later so they could film us playing in the park. The whole time we were doing the interview portion, I kept thinking— thank god Mazzy isn't here because there is no way she would sit as quietly and well-behaved as Joanna's children (aged 2 and 4) and then GMA could totally spin the story like— look how the spanked children are so polite and the non-spanked child is running around like a chicken on crack!

3. The park had outdoor fountains situated right next to the jungle gym, which made everything wet and slippery. Mazzy climbed up and went to walk across a linked wooden bridge, but got scared and asked for help. I climbed up five months pregnant, wearing platform shoes, and carrying both my purse and diaper bag. I held her hand, took one step onto the bridge and immediately wiped out flat on my back. Like I had stepped on a banana peel in a cartoon. Camera fully on me the entire time. I made the GMA producer swear the fall wouldn't appear on television but I can bet money it was played on slo-mo back in the editing room a few thousand times. I am now praying that it doesn't wind up on one of those news blooper reels on YouTube.

4. At the end of the park bit, Amy Robach's husband met us there with their kids. I recognized him from somewhere. Did I go to college with him? Did I work with him? NO!!!!!!!! It was Andrew Shue! Billy from Melrose Place!


Unless you read my post on Babble: "To Spank or Not to Spank, One Mom's Opinion".

On a totally separate note, my supposedly horrible view of the fireworks from my father's apartment was actually a ton better than I expected.

Here's a shot:

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I hope everyone kept their fingers on the fourth.

Have a good weekend!

— Mommy Shorts