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With all the coastal devastation that's happened recently and the continuing realization that climate change and it's effect on the frequency of natural disasters is more and more of a real thing, it's nice to be working with a company like Method, who is actually trying to help the environment with every product that they make.

Case in point, Method has just debuted THE WORLD'S FIRST BOTTLE MADE WITH OCEAN PLASTIC.


What is ocean plastic?

Oh, it's just several million tons of human garbage floating in our oceans, polluting our environment and strangling our marine life.

Here's a fact: Every year, one million sea birds and 100,000 sharks, turtles, dolphins and whales die from eating plastic.

Here's a picture of baby dolphins smiling, so we can all feel extra bad about this:


There is no easy solution to the problem and Method knows they can't make a big dent in the massive amount of waste already in the sea, but they can raise awareness and promote their main agenda, which is to use and reuse plastics already found on the planet.

In addition to only using PCR plastic in all of their home cleaning products, Method employees have been helping local clean-up crews hand-collect plastic that has washed up on the beaches of Hawaii.

Method_ocean_plastic_bottlesOver the past year and a half, they have collected more than one ton of ocean plastic and have now found an innovative way to turn that plastic into usable bottles.

The result is Method Dish + Hand odor eliminating 2-in-1 soap in Sea Minerals and Sweet Water fragrances.

It's packaged in a uniquely gray resin bottle made from a combination of ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic.

It's available exclusively at Whole Foods and on

Here's a video that sums up Method's agenda far better than I ever could:


Most of us are probably not going to ditch our kids and leave our jobs to help clean beaches in Hawaii, but I'm happy to throw my support behind a company that does, especially when they tell me what I can do right from the comfort of my own home.

If you take the "Clean Oceans Pledge" on Method's facebook page by making a personal statement about what you are going to do to help (ex. “I vow to always properly recycle plastic to reduce waste floating in the ocean.”), you'll be entered to win an $100 Whole Foods gift card.

There will be one winner every Friday for the month of November.


You can use "ocean clean-up" as a really great excuse to take a trip to Hawaii.