Ladies and gentlemen, here they are— the top 32 Evil Babies who will be competing in next week's Glare-Off. Are you as scared of them as I am???

How did I determine who made the final cut?

Well, it came down to a few things….

1) That your baby looked freakin' EVIL.

2) That your photo was high enough quality so that it could be blown up to a headshot without looking like crap.

3) That your baby worked well when paired against another baby.

4) That your baby's expression relied mainly on their eyes.

For instance, one of my favorite photos was of Coralie. I imagine a covered pink basket showing up on my doorstep, looking expectantly inside and than feeling like someone had just eaten my soul.


Unfortunately, Coralie's face was too small to hold up when enlarged.

Another favorite was Reagan, whose glare was out done by her middle finger:


Alas, flipping the bird would give Miss Reagan an unfair advantage and so I had to disqualify her. The best I can do is offer her a spot in the "Babies Flipping the Bird" album on my fanpage. I am sure she will make lots of friends there.

For those last few spots I was struggling with, I held preliminary rounds on the fanpage all this week. After some very tight races, Eliza, Kathryn, Sidney and Ryder prevailed. Good luck to them all next week!

On Monday, I will reveal the tournament bracket so you can see which baby is going up against who. Babies move on to the next round based on reader vote. Then each day the pairings will be narrowed down until the final two on Friday. 

To refresh your memory, the winner will receive an $100 Gilt Kids gift card, a home kit from Method, a skull hat and belt from Sourpuss kids, a framed picture of the tournament bracket and an Evil Baby Glare-Off onesie.


You can find a full listing of all prizes (including for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place) here.

I will also have exciting giveaways each day that everyone, even parents with perfectly nice angelic looking babies, can participate in. 

All winners will be announced Monday the 22nd.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section.



UPDATE: Coralie's mom sent me a high res photo of the terrifying basket shot and someone else dropped out— SO. Coralie is in the Glare-Off!