Remember when I said, you won't see me posting pictures of my baby bump in various outfits? I lied. Sometimes you have to do things for the greater good.

Above are both pictures of me at 20 weeks on the same day. The left is a pair of $198 Seven for All Mankind skinny jeans. The right is a pair of $35 jeans from Motherhood Maternity.

Yes, the camera angles/poses are different but honestly, I think the Motherhood Maternity pants looked even worse than they do in the picture. If I hadn't tried on the expensive pair first, I probably would have run out the dressing room pantless and screaming.

It was a sad lesson I learned that day. Sometimes, things are expensive for a reason.

YaynaywhiteLast week, I started a new column on Alphamom called "The Yay to the Nay". Every Friday I will be doing product comparisons. Last week I did maternity jeans, this week I'm doing booster seats, and next week is up for grabs.

If you have any ideas (maybe you're trying to decide between a potty that tastefully matches your bathroom decor and a Dora-themed singing potty that your toddler would probably trip over herself to sit in) let me know in the comment section below.

I'm gonna need lots of ideas!


6a0133f30ae399970b01774369de95970d-500wiThank you so much for all your baby name ideas. Seriously. The comment section of "Naming a Baby Would Be Easy Without My Husband" is better than any baby name book I've flipped through thus far.

If you haven't seen Mike's brutal responses to your suggestions, I promise, it's worth a look. 


Ellyn said…

What about Piper? She was my favorite witch on "Charmed." Or Willow (a la "Buffy?") 

Mike responded…

I'm glad you're suggesting names based on old WB shows. "Was I named after a family member, Dad?" "No, you were named after a minor character on One Tree Hill."

Sara said…

How about Malia?

Mike responded…

Malia sounds like a disease. Get some ointment- I have Malia!

Another suggestion was from Heather, who said I should do a bracketed baby name tournament where everybody gets to vote, narrowing it down to the finals right before the baby is born.

That sounds like an AWESOME idea. If I was the most obedient member of the Kardashian family and my life was actually a scripted reality show and not in fact REAL.

So, I will be revealing the name of our baby when she is born and then you can all leave comments like, "I love it!" while secretly being disappointed that I went with something trendy/misspelled/unoriginal/already taken by Octomom/etc.

I can tell you that Mike and I have two names currently in the running that were both mentioned in the comment section. And it's not TEXASSIANCE, as tempting as lifetime passes to the Texas Renaissance Festival might be. (Thank you, Kristin Sue, for alerting me to that potential windfall.)

To Rachel, who said her boyfriend is currently trying to convince her to name their baby "Vodka Marie", BE STRONG!!! "Cognac Marie" could be a great compromise.

And finally, to Katherine Rose who said her mother almost named her brother Darth Vadar but settled on Jason, I hope you were kidding.

Darth Vadar is much better suited for a girl.

Or as Mike responded…

Darth Vadar would have been much better than naming your brother after the serial killer in Halloween. Poor guy.

Here's another question: What's the worst name your significant other suggested for your child?


Today on Babble, I've got The Life of a Toddler in NYC with tons of Mazzy pictures (and Babble has changed the slideshow format so it will be 1000X less annoying to click through!).