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Most children's books aren't that complicated. There's usually a premise, possibly a moral and not much inbetween. How many times have you found yourself skipping a few unnecessary words/sentences/pages just so you can put your kids to bed already?

According to NickMom, most children's books can be summed up in nine words or less. 

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For instance, "You can't escape your mother" is basically reiterated over and over again in Runaway Bunny. "Getting old is lonely and depressing" just saved you from hanging yourself while reading "The Giving Tree". And instead of reading Little Red Riding Hood, just tell your kids…

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Check out 9 more children's books in 9 words or less on NickMom today, including "Child abuction can be fun and adorable!" (Peter Pan) and "Al Gore was right about everything" (The Lorax).