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Dirty diapers, spit-up stained shirts, sour milk in sippy cups hiding out under the car seat in 100 degree heat, and the seemingly endless stream of cartoon-themed plastic plates caked with ketchup and jelly quickly piling up in the sink— this is what parenthood smells like.

Having little children is basically torture on the nose.

Throw a stomach bug into the mix and you might as well close up your nasal passages for good— your olfactory senses might be ruined forever.

I actually would pay to see Jack Bauer torture a terrorist by making him clean up after a sick baby in a small windowless room. Forget 24 hours, he'd break him in two.

Wouldn't parenthood be better if the inside of your diaper genie smelled like fresh vanilla? If you were warned of a potty training accident by the sudden aroma of grape bubble gum? If the inside of a four-year-old's soccer kleats gave off a stench like… I don't know…. Ginger Yuzu?

When it comes time to hunker down and finally do last night's dirty dishes (probably the last thing on earth you want to do), wouldn't it be nice to give your nose something to smile about?

What? Your nose doesn't smile?

Perhaps you've never tried Method Dish Soap. It comes in scents like Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Currant, Clementine, Cucumber, and yes, Ginger Yuzu. And I swear, you can fool yourself into thinking you are actually enjoying scrubing crusty mac-n-cheese off the corners of a casserole dish. (No? Maybe just a smidgen?)

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If 'lovely aromas' aren't your thing, perhaps you'd be interested to know that Method's dish soaps won't disrupt the functioning of your endocrine system.

Apparently, most dish cleaners contain something called Phthalates (softeners used in the manufacturing of plastic), which sound pretty scary, once you start reading about them— especially for women who are pregnant (ahem!).

Instead of harmful chemicals, Method's dish cleaners use friendly-sounding ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera and purified water.

"Clementine" + "Won't Stunt Your Child's Growth and Development" sounds like a win/win to me…

Today, Method is sponsoring a personality quiz on Facebook to determine your signature scent. Once you complete the quiz, you'll have the option of entering a giveaway for a year's supply of Method dish soap.

I took the quiz and was deemed a "lemon mint" because I am both cool and charming. (How did they know?) Honestly, I am a diehard pink grapefruit fan so now I am just super confused.

Luckily, I have Method's spokes-singer Noah to clear everything up for me. Check him out below, singing about how your nose deserves a hug. I totally agree.


Question of the day: If you could pick one scent (freshly baked bread, burnt marshmallows, Drakkar Noir…), what would parenthood smell like? 

This is a sponsored post for Method but the opinions expressed, as always, are strictly my own.


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