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Someone sent this to me yesterday when it had 300 hits and foolishly, I dismissed it. Then someone sent it to me again when it was at one million hits and still I dismissed it. Now, someone has notified me yet again at 2,200,000 hits. 

Apparently, Cookie Monster cannot be stopped. Especially when he is covering the most overplayed song in America. My apologizes for not recognizing his viral prowess sooner.

Check out the cross-eyed cookie-obsessed big blue monster singing "Share Me Maybe"— mostly for the VERY SERIOUS meetings that take place at Sesame Street Headquarters.

What could they be discussing? "We should dedicate the next episode to THE LETTER N." "That's ridiculous! THE LETTER W!"

Or maybe possible lay-offs are in the works? I have been noticing much less screen time for The Count…