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A few weeks ago, my family had the vacation of our lives in Copenhagen. Before we left for the trip, while we were in the airport actually, Mazzy made a simple request. She said that she wanted me to make a video of our trip like I made when we went to Turks & Caicos.

“Does this mean you’ll cooperate in my videos then?”


Throughout the trip, Mazzy continued to remind me of the task at hand. “Mom, take a video for the thing” she’d say when we were doing something particularly exciting. So, in addition to taking pictures and snapchatting, I was also trying to fulfill Mazzy’s request of making a “thing.”

The day after we got home, Mazzy asked me if I had made the video yet.

“Uhhh…no. Editing something like that together actually takes a lot of time.”

I showed her our pictures and our saved snapchat stories, but those didn’t cut quite cut it. She wanted a real video montage that she could watch again and again on YouTube.

As the days following our trip passed, I feared the random videos of our vacation were destined to die a slow death in the depths of my iCloud storage never to be seen again.

Then Annie, my college intern (which I know makes me sound like Kramer) suggested that I send all my Copenhagen videos to her editor friend Sean who could edit something together for me.

“Really?” “Really.”

Today, Sean sent back the video below and now Mazzy has exactly what she wanted and I have an awesome montage of the best moments of our trip! All set to “Amadeus” from Family and Friends because Sean is friends with the band.

I can’t wait to show Mazzy when she gets home.

If you want the full details of our Copenhagen itinerary, click here.

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