As much as you guys overwhelmingly wanted me to have a boy (FINAL TALLY: BOY- 131, GIRL- 63), I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you all, just like I did my husband, because we are having a…

Screen shot 2012-07-10 at 12.24.23 AM

This means, according to the comments, my ass is huge and Mazzy has horrible sibling intuition.

Feel free to join Mike who is now in the seventh stage of grievingโ€” ACCEPTANCE.

Exact words upon finding out the news:

"I'm just trying to figure out what the universe is trying to tell me."

No, seriously, we are both THIRLLED. (I mean, Mike did seriously say those words but he is now thrilled. Right, Mike?)

I also feel the need to point out, having had a very difficult pregnancy with Mazzy and not the easiest path to getting pregnant again, we both fully appreciate that any healthy baby, boy or girl, is a total miracle.

It's just not as much fun as taunting my husband.

"Really? You think THE UNIVERSE'S MASTER PLAN revolves around the gender of your children???"

Honestly, I can't fault Mike because if we had two boys, I would feel the exact same way.

And although I realize that a boy (as some of you made no bones about pointing out) would have been excellent for new blog material (let's all have a moment of silence for the "Top Ten Pee-Pee Tents" post, I'll never get to write, shall we?), I am incredibly excited to be giving Mazzy a little sister. 

Even if she has made it perfectly clear she would prefer a little brother.

There has been no official news annoucement to Mazzy yet, but we do speak in hypotheticals like "Wouldn't it be fun to have a little sister?" (Answer: "No.")

So far, Mazzy doesn't seem to notice my growing belly. Or, she thinks my belly's existence has less to do with a new addition to our family and more to do with a decades-old dance craze. 

Picture Mazzy sitting on my bed watching me get changed for work.

"You do the hokey pokey, mommy?"


"You put your tummy out and you shake it all about?"

That really happened.

Gender aside, I'm more interested in the new baby being as different from Mazzy as possible. Not that Mazzy isn't amazingโ€” it's just that two wild children hellbent on escaping my clutches at all times so they can hightail it to the Apple store while wearing Giants apparel would be hard to handle.

I'm hoping for a nice quiet bookworm who loves to draw.

Is that too much to ask?


Congratulations to AMANDA, who guessed correctly and won the Piccolini giveaway. Her exact comment was "Girl? I'm a bad guesser." No, you're not, Amanda! Please contact me at to claim your prize.