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What happens when you deny children television, phones and internet access (in favor of nothing but vinyl records to play with) while growing up on an 170-acre farm in Canada?

If you were going to say "cow tipping and chicken torture" or the sequel to Children of the Corn, you are mistaken.

Free from the trappings of modern entertainment, the Stellas rasied two ridiculously talented daughters (Lennon, 12 and Maisy, 8) who took the internet by storm last week— using two empty margarine containers to accompany their cover of the Swedish song "Call Your Girlfriend".

If you haven't seen it yet (and I fear I may actually be the very last person), prepare to be amazed by the two coolest, most talented kids EVER in the video below.

Take note: this is what can happen when your child's main musical influence is not "The Fresh Beat Band".


Now. If you'll please excuse me, I must attend to my two-year-old daughter, Mazzy.

She appears to be having a fit because her iPad is frozen on the video "Gummy Bear".

Check out the rest of Lennon and Maisy's YouTube videos here.