About a month ago, I started a secret Instagram account called @insta2yearold. It’s all photos and captions from the perspective of a toddler. Let’s call that toddler, Harlow. Although, really I think the photos can apply to any child in the pre-preschool set.

The profile description is “My world. My perspective. My very full diaper,” and since Thursday night, @insta2yearold has grown from 70 followers to 23K followers.

No, I’m not kidding.

It all started when Harlow took an accidental selfie over the summer (see above).

I thought it would make a funny one-off on my regular account when my friend (the awesomely funny blogger Nicole Leigh Shaw) suggested doing “Toddlers on Instagram”. She thought it would be funny to do a series of motion-blurred photos like a Toddler Instagram feed. I loved the idea and she told me to run with it. 

Originally, I was going to create a fake feed of several instagramming toddlers, similar to what I did with Toddlers on Facebook a few years ago. While I was trying to figure out how to make identical Instagram graphics, I realized— DUH! It would be so much easier to create an actual account for a toddler!

Sometimes, I really am not that bright.

Anyway, @insta2yearold was born.






Instead of blurry photos, I liked the idea that @insta2yearold was actually pretty adept with a mobile phone. She posts the kind of shots you always see on Instagram— pics of her shoes, pics of her food, pics of “what she’s doing right now”— with all the appropriate hashtags of course.

I posted on it secretly for about a month.










Last Thursday night, I told my followers on my regular account (@mommyshorts) about my new account. The next morning, @insta2yearold woke up with 7000 new followers!

Later that same day, she hit 10K!


Do you know how long it took my personal account to reach 10K?

The Huffington Post wrote about @insta2yearold on Friday night and by the end of the weekend, @insta2yearold was at 15K.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

As of last night, @instayearold hit 20K followers. In four days!

photo 5

How long do you think it will be before @instayearold passes her mom?


Follow @insta2yearold on Instagram. And her mom @mommyshorts too.