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Is it possible for something to be lame and awesome at the same time? Therein, lies the complexity of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Somehow a man changing sweaters and greeting the mailman and visiting the Land of Make Believe made for hands-down the best children's programing ever.

Yes, ever.

I read an article once that said Mister Rogers was the plight of our generation because he made us all believe that each one of us was special. 

WELL. I loved Mister Rogers and I KNOW I'M SPECIAL so there.

PBS gave Mister Rogers the autotune treatment last week and the video has since gone viral. Out of the nearly 4 million people who have viewed it, there are currently 535 dislikes.

I bet nine of those dislikes belong to Max, Ruby, Calliou, Arthur, Sid the Science Kid, and every member of the Fresh Beat Band. 

They just don't know how to make lame cool like the master.

Check it out:


Doesn't it make you weep for the current state of children't television? What show would you like to see replaced with re-runs of Mister Rogers?


If you haven't noticed, I've quietly returned to Babble this month.

Check out yesterday's post on forcing my mother to join Instagram so that she never nags me to email photos of her granddaughter again. As an added bonus, the post features 15 of my favorite instagram photos I've taken so far.

There are several ridiculously cute pictures of Mazzy included, of course.

Like this one, taken yesterday: