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Meet brothers, Zach (15 months) and Ronnie (2.5 years), clearly thrilled to be photographed for their school picture.

Was it something the photographer said? Maybe their bowties are tied too tight? Perhaps Ronnie is lactose intolerant and the mere mention of CHEESE sends him into a murderous rage?

You tell me in the comment section below. Winner will not only be crowned "Caption Contest Queen", they will also get their hands on one of those adorable handmade bowties.

Alligator Lane, the creator of Zach and Ronnie's neck wear of choice (I'm sure their mother had nothing to do with it), has agreed to give the caption contest winner a $25 gift certificate to her custom baby goods shop. At $10 each, that's 2 1/2 bowties! 

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Since June marks the end of the school year, I think it's time to issue a "Mommy Shorts Yearbook" complete with "Best Dressed", "Class Clown" and of course, "Most Likely to Hold the School Photographer at Gun Point".

If you'd like to submit a photo (school pictures preferred), just post it on the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage before next Wednesday.

Now, please leave a caption below that does Zach and Ronnie's picture justice.

Caption Contest Queen will be crowned this Friday in a very elaborate ceremony that exists solely in my head. The invitations are printed and I've hired a 10-year-old Ryan Gosling as my musical guest, so you know you'll want to be there. Dresscode is BOWTIE REQUIRED, obviously.

Good luck!