Mazzy is barely two and the princess phase has already begun. I blame Pinkalicious (a gift) and Abby Cadabby. I know Abby's a fairy but she carries a wand and that's good enough for me. 

I've always hated the whole princess phenomenon and thought my daughter would bypass it but I find myself reconsidering. Should I be steering Mazzy away from the toys she is gravitating to on her own? Is pretending to be a princess, loving her mini-kitchen and asking for every crayon to be pink such a bad thing?

I'm leaning towards "no".

I was obsessed with Barbie when I was little but I also climbed trees and prided myself on being the first girl picked for dodgeball in gym class. I was awesome at dodgeball! I think you can be a girly and strong at once.

Today at Babble I'm talking about the Lego controversy. Basically, they have developed a girl's line called Lego friends which is a pink monstrosity involving hair salons, poolside lounging and cupcake shops. It's like the keys to the Lego factory mistakenly got into the hands of the Kardashian sisters and vapidness followed.

When I decided to take on the topic, I thought I would come down squarely in the anti-Lego camp but after reading about it and considering my own daughter's personal tastes, my response surprised me. 

The post is called "Maybe We Should Let Girls Be Bakers and Ballerinas".

I sincerely hope I don't get reamed for it.