Check out Mazzy in front of her first step and repeat. Does this mean she's made it? I'm gonna do my best to refrain from becoming the next Kris Jenner but CHECK OUT THAT TUMMY— I think Mazzy's belly might have the star-launching capacity of Kim Kardashian's ass.

Below is more of Mazzy and me at a Simon & Schuster event. (Keep in mind this was all five seconds before Mazzy decided to lean against the step and repeat causing the whole facade to tumble backwards taking her with it. The photographer, a wonderfully professional woman named Jennifer Lee, ran to save my daughter while I stood there screaming in my head— NOOOOOO!!! Take pictures!! Take pictures!!!)


Wait! I should totally have stolen that step and repeat for Mazzy's birthday party!! Is it just me or did I alienate half my readers with my NYC birthday party post? It was SUPPOSED to be an amusing list of things you can do at a birthday party that don't take up a lot of space. You know, so NYC parents can entertain in their tiny but FREE apartment instead of shelling out $1100 for an alternative venue.

But I'll stop being defensive. I know we New Yorkers are ridiculous. And as a general rule, we glom on to any excuse to throw a party. Witness my Catholic stepmother and her enthusiastic adoption of break fast on Yom Kippur— it's a dinner party with a built-in theme!

Honestly, I think I'm having trouble finding my footing after Monday's big Evil Baby Glare-Off Reveal. Bear with me, friends. MSPG (Mommy Shorts Post Glare) is going to require a bit of adjustment.


My Little Pony Giveaway

Picture 30You may have noticed that the My Little Pony App is one of my advertisers this month. The app is an interactive storybook designed to develop vocabulary, reading and motor skills for kids 2-11. It includes narrative-driven activities and touch-driven animations with adjustable levels of difficulty.

I tried the app with Mazzy and I must say, My Little Pony is way different than I remember as a kid. For instance, the ponies now look like supercool Japanese anime. When did that happen?? Probably about the same time Twilight Sparkle and the ponies of Equestria developed a cult following of fanboys known as BRONIES.

Never heard of BRONIES? They are adult male diehard fans of My Little Pony. Weird, I know. But then I read this article on Wired and it opened my mind a bit.

Is the new My Little Pony just THAT COOL that it attracts genuine crossover extreme fandom? I might have to explore this further in a future post.

Anyway, for all you Non-Brony My Little Pony fans, I am giving away TEN APPS in the comment section below. I'll select the winners randomly on Sunday night.

Otherwise, you can buy it for $3.99 on iTunes.


Is It Halloween Already?

Halloweenbat200624092019-482-150x150I'm guest posting over at By Word of Mouth to kick off the lovely Nicole's Howlerific Halloween Series. I'm talking about laziness in relation to getting Mazzy a costume this year.

Thankfully, writing the post got me inspired and off my ass so Mazzy will not, I repeat WILL NOT, be wearing a store bought Elmo costume from Duane Reade.

Even though, I'm pretty sure it would MAKE her 22 month old life.


The Colossal Cake Smash Smackdown

It's happening. I don't have the details ironed out yet but I can tell you three things:

1) I am now taking cake smash photo submissions on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage.

2) There will be prizes.

3) The winners will be announced on Mazzy's 2nd birthday which is December 9th.

Here is Emerson, one of the first contenders:


Have a great weekend and feel free to smash a piece of cake in your kid's face for the contest!

— Mommy Shorts

PS: Remember to leave a comment if you'd like a free My Little Pony app.


UPDATE: The winners of the My Little Pony app are Alison @ Mama Wants This, Robin, Meg Yaniglos, Ninja Mom, Kristin, Jo Chivers, Denis, Andrew Riley, Jrseygirl in VA and Rhiannon. Please email me at to claim your prize.