On Friday when I posted a picture of Mazzy planking, I thought baby planking was a totally new and original concept. But as with most things, the internet tells us otherwise. (Like with my mom and her awesome pasta pot invention. That pasta pot money could have covered Mazzy's college tuition. Ah well.)

Readers posted their best baby planking pictures on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. But after some minimal searching, I found we should leave the baby planking to the professionals.

For one thing, planking has RULES. 1) Hands must be secured at sides. 2) Head must be facing down. 3) Parents must have a lot of time on their hands.

Therefore, Mazzy's plank and many of the others submitted do not qualify.

Thankfully, there are about 5 billion planking sites online (,,,,,,,, and to name a few) all with professional baby plankers.

Note: See? This is why you NEED me. To sort through the myriad of planking sites.

Don't worry— I'm sure the babies below were all paid handsomely for their hard work, dedication and committment to their craft.


1) The Look Ma, No Radiation Plank


2) The Fiber Makes My Teeth Rot Plank


3) The Bagel's Burning Plank


4) The Martha Stewart Plank


5) The American Standard Plank


6) The Non-Breathable Fabric Plank


7) The Huggies Sponsored Plank


8) The Poor Man's Iron Plank


9) The Food Lover's Plank


and finally, 10) The Marsha Brady Road Test Plank


For non-regulation planks, check out the Baby Planking Album on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage.


Picture 2 EVIL BABY GLARE-OFF UPDATE: If you haven't heard, the "Evil Baby Glare-Off" is underway. Preliminary rounds are happening this week on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage to help me determine a few that were too close to call myself— like Camille Vs. Mackenzie pictured left (posted yesterday and currently neck and neck with 160 votes).

The final 32 contestants will be announced this Friday, October 7th. You can still enter your kid's picture up until Thursday at 6pm by posting it on the wall of the fanpage.

More details to come!