Picture 11Today, I’m announcing the three winners of the Colossal Crumbs Cupcake giveaway plus the winner of “the popular vote” in the Baby Celebrity Lookalikes Contest (meaning the lookalike with the most “likes” on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage).

I’m saving the “Official Judging Panel” winner for next Friday. It was just too much to cover in one post.

The Official Judging Panel, by the way, now incudes… (wait for it)…


The blog, not the TV Show, but exciting none the less.

Both the popular vote and the official judging panel vote will win an $100 Amazon Gift Card from Toddlewood.

There were 142 baby celebrity lookalike entries and over 2000 people voted. Here are your top ten…

10TH PLACE: With 52 votes… Edward as Larry the Cable Guy


9TH PLACE: With 54 votes… Charlie as Humpty Dumpty


8TH PLACE: With 61 votes… Zoe as Raven Symone


7TH PLACE: With 62 votes… Justin as Daniel Tosh


6TH PLACE: With 67 votes… Sheldon as Elton John


5TH PLACE: With 73 votes… James as Alfred E. Newman


4TH PLACE: With 78 votes… Morgan as Shirley Temple


3RD PLACE: With 95 votes… Porter as John Candy


2ND PLACE: With 181 votes… Sammy as The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


And in 1ST PLACE with 221 votes is…

Navaeh as Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez!


Congratulations, Left Eye! Do me a favor and don’t use your $100 towards matches and gasoline. (It’s a good thing she won, because I heard rumors of a plan to torch Stay Puft’s house.) Please email me at myshort@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize.

I’ll tell you now that the judging panel is going in a completely different direction. And I’m still confused as to why some of my favorites never got proper attention. For instance…

Would CHRIS FARLEY be up there if he was entered earlier?


Did TIGER WOODS lose because he might be an actual lovechild?


Would COREY FELDMAN be a shoo-in if this contest took place in the late ’80s?


Were people put off by the blood splatter on DEXTER’S face?


Did SETH ROGAN lose points because I made the side-by-side backwards?


Would SIMON BAKER be in the running if more people knew who the hell that was?


Did people forget NATHAN LANE‘s loveable performance in “The Bird Cage”?


And lastly— why did only 35 people see the sheer brilliance in KEVIN FROM THE OFFICE?


Just some things that keep me up late at night.

Lastly, for the one year anniversary of Mommy Shorts on August 18th, I asked everyone to publicly throw their support behind a baby celebrity lookalike for the chance to win one of three COLOSSAL CUPCAKES ($42 each) from Crumbs Bakeshop.

The first COLOSSAL goes to THERESA. She threw her support at Charlie— the gigantic egg of a baby who came in 9th Place.


The second COLOSSAL goes to BECKA. She went for “The Obscure TV Viewer’s Choice” of Rocco as Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters.


And the last COLOSSAL goes to ELAINE. She voted for her very own Mini-Me: Gavin as Vern Troyer. Another stellar lookalike who didn’t get the attention he rightfully deserved.


Congrats to you all! Please email me at myshort@mommyshorts.com to claim your cupcake. And promise me that you’ll sing “Happy Anniversary to Mommy Shorts” before you eat it.

Tune in next Friday when the judges make their official picks. Now’s your last chance to potentially influence them. Check out all 142 entries on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. Which lookalike do you think went underappreciated?


Toddlewood is a photo project run by Tricia Messeroux who takes pictures of regular kids dressed up as celebrities. Her recent New York show “Toddlewood: Unplugged” included kids photographed as Run DMC, Janis Joplin and the Beatles. If you are interested in getting your kids involved, follow Toddlewood on facebook for info on future casting calls.