extraordinary families

I am very excited to announce the third iteration of my original “Monday Mornings” series, which highlighted the daily morning routines of parents across the country to show them (and everyone reading) that there are beautiful moments even in the rush and the chaos as we get our kids and ourselves out the door.

Last year, we shifted to “Wednesday Evenings” and proved that there are beautiful family moments amidst the dinner time and bedtime struggles too.

This year, Allstate has signed on again to help me feature the daily routines of real families to show how their extraordinary stories play out from sun up until sun down. It is because of Allstate that we are able to document a diverse selection of families from all across the country that I would never find if I stuck to my own hometown of New York City.


Every time I do this series, there is a lot of talk about families that people wish we had included— like families who are dealing with medical issues, special needs or military families to name a few. I would love to feature families dealing with unique challenges so please, if you are a family with extraordinary circumstances or you know a family whose story should be told, please share this post and encourage them to enter.

My goal is always to feature as broad a range of families as possible (single parent households, family run businesses, parents with multiples, blended families, extended family that lives in one home, etc.) so just tell us what makes your family unique in the comments below. I would love to show that even with big issues and specific hardships, there will always be things that are universal to which every parent can relate.


To that end, we will not necessarily be grouping families together by city like we have in the past. Instead we are willing to go wherever your story takes us. This way we can also include small towns instead of just major cities.

This new series will also be different than previous years because instead of dedicating our time to the morning or the evening, we will follow selected families for an entire day, from sun up to sundown, showing a complete day in the life. Another exciting evolution is that we will be featuring photo stories of some families, while others will be documented on video. I am really excited to see these families come to life and speak in their own words about their day, their routine and their challenges.


All the featured families will be documented in either August or September so please keep your availability in mind if you enter below.

I can tell you that beyond having beautiful photographs and video taken of your family that represents this time in your life, the positive response and show of support that each family receives from my readers is the biggest reward for participating.

Thank you all for making this series special and thank you Allstate for making it possible.

To enter, please answer the following questions in the comments below:

1) What city are you from?

2) How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

3) What makes your day to day a little different than the average family?

4) What unique situation are you dealing with that makes your job as a parent a little more challenging?

We will be selecting families based on the comments during the month of July.


This post is part of a campaign series sponsored by Allstate. This series aims to show what life is like, sun up to sun down, for families facing (and overcoming!) unique and challenging circumstances. As the nation’s largest publicly held insurance company, Allstate is dedicated to protecting what matters most. 

All photos were taken by Raquel Langworthy.