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A year ago today, my eight-month-old baby girl gave me a black eye and I posted a picture of her taking a dump to retaliate. Who knew that lovely parenting moment would blossom into my second child?

I wrote a long post about how much I love writing this blog and how amazing you all are for sending in mortifying pictures of your kids, playing my ridiculous contests and writing hilarious comments— but it got way too sappy.

In short, I am thrilled to have started what one reader called "a delightfully demented community of parents" (I may have added the delightfully part). So I wanted to thank you all in grand fashion.

The question is… What can I do that's big enough to reflect the significance of this AWESOMELY HISTORICAL DAY IN MOMMY SHORTS HISTORY?

How 'bout a…



Allow me to explain.

As many of you know, my Baby Celebrity Lookalikes Contest is still going strong. There are now 100+ entries from Seth Rogan to James Dean to Kevin from the Office. (Go to the fanpage, click on photos  and you'll find them all in the first album entitled "Baba/Celebrity Lookalike Contest".) Below is just a small sample of all the awesomeness lurking behind this link.


The last day for entries is August 25th. In order to make sure this thing goes out with a bang, I'm giving away THREE COLOSSAL CRUMBS CUPCAKES (value $42 each) just for publicly throwing your support behind one of the entries— whether your kid is entered or not.

The Colossal Cupcakes from Crumbs Bakeshop can be delivered anywhere in the US, are freakin gigantic (feed ten people gigantic, see picture up top for size) and you can pick any flavor you want from cookie dough to chocolate sundae to my personal favorite— Baba Booey.

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All you have to do to enter is check out the baby celebrity lookalike entries on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage and then announce your favorite in one or all of the following places— the comment section below, the wall of the fanpage and/or on twitter.

I'm choosing one winner randomly from each place (total of three winners). Obviously, you up your chances if you comment on all three.

For example:

"Team Stay Puft!"

"Vote Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez!"

"John Candy for the win!"


"I'll kick you illegally in the groin if you don't vote for William Zabka from The Karate Kid!"

If you do your shout-out via twitter, use the hashtag #BabyCelebLookalikes with a link back to this post.

Make sense?

And please do me a favor— this is not a Lisa Lopez vs. Stay Puft thing (the two currently in the lead for the popular vote). Mix it up. Dig down deep. Realize that the baby girl who looks like Nathan Lane is woefully underrated. Imagine the Dexter lookalike with a little blood splatter on his face. Did you know the French seem to have rallied behind Alfred E. Newman? Or that Vern Troyer (aka Mini-Me) was entered last week and he is nothing short of FANTASTIC? There's also a hilarious Richard Simmons, a forgotten Humpty Dumpty and a dead-on Tiger Woods that makes me wonder if mom works the clubs in Vegas.

All I'm trying to say is— the more varied the entries, the more amusing this will all be for ME.

It is my historical day, after all.

Thanks to Crumbs Bakeshop for donating the cupcakes, good luck to everyone entering and a Happy Mommy Shorts Blogoversary to all!

Winners announced August 26th.


This contest has no affiliation with Facebook.