To celebrate Black History Month, Because of Them We Can produced a CNN-style newscast, starring five fierce kids who are here to educate us on the newest trailblazers in Black History.

The video opens up with a tiny anchor in a bow tie, announcing their breaking news—”Black excellence is at an all time high.” Four pundits join in, dressed up to resemble familiar political analysts like Bakari Sellers and Symone Sanders. They each present examples of Black excellence, from athletes to fashion gurus to groundbreaking movies—but I think my favorite part was when a pint-sized April Ryan piped in to remind us that it was African-American women who “saved Alabama” from Roy Moore in last year’s Senate election. This was punctuated by lowering her glasses and deadpanning a simple, “98 percent.”

“Listen, Black folks have always been dope, and always will be dope,” one girl concluded. Sounds about right to me, but I’ll take kickass reminders like this one, any day of the week. Black History Month or not.

I recommend rewatching it. This time pay attention to all the inspiring facts scrolling along the ticker at the bottom.

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