When Mazzy was about 9 months, I posted a "separated at birth" side-by-side of her and Justin Bieber. Here it is, in case you missed it:


As you are probably aware (as it was VERY BIG NEWS at the time), the Biebs got himself a haircut back in March. If anybody is curious what would have happened if Justin continued to let his hair grow until it DECLARED WAR on his face, I can now provide you with a visualization:


To clarify— I did not comb Mazzy's hair forward for the purposes of this picture. This is how her hair falls when I neglect to fasten it with a barrette. Which is why, you never see her pictured without one.

Last week, I got a bunch of comments about how much people love Mazzy's hair. I graciously accepted those compliments on Mazzy's behalf but deep down, I knew I was perpetuating a lie.

It's time you all know the truth.

Here is the Mazzy you know and love, with a barrette:


Sweet, right? Like she wasn't found in the woods after living amongst a pack of wolves for the last 19 monthes?

Ok. Now, prepare yourself.

Because here's Mazzy without a barrette:


Not exactly a hairstyle you'd print out and bring to your baby stylist. In fact, this style takes Mazzy straight out of popstar consideration and plunges her into another category entirely:


In my defense, at the time of these pictures, I was trying to grow out Mazzy's bangs. But if you've ever had bangs, you know that growing them out is a BITCH. And imposing this minor form of torture on my daughter began to seem unfair. Especially after a small incident where she ran barrette-less around the apartment with her head tilted to one side so she could see through her cowlick… and then slammed into a wall. (Sorry, sweet pea.)

Did you notice how I slipped into the past tense in that last paragraph? It's because Mazzy finally got a haircut. (CPS— kindly turnaround and go home.)

I asked the hairdresser for something that looked babyish and not too perfect. I DID NOT want her to end up with one of those unfortunate bowl cuts that I've seen so many kids sport after their first encounter with a pair of scissors (also seen in my own baby pictures— thank you very much, mom).

Here is Mazzy's New-Do-Debut:


I also told the hairdresser I wanted the cut to be long enough to still warrant the barrette. Which is exactly what I put back in her hair as soon as we walked out.


Everyone approve? She cut more off the back than I intended but I'm kind of digging the pixie.

I saved the clippings like a good mother should, but SERIOUSLY— how long do people actually keep this kind of thing? Seems like a waste of a perfectly good baby toupee to be hanging out in an envelope.


I hear Justin Bieber sold his hair for $40,668. I think Mazzy should be able to get AT LEAST half that. Right?