The other day I tried to return a dress at The Children's Place. I had the baby in the ERGO so I didn't bring my wallet but I had my credit card and the receipt. They said, nope, sorry— you need your ID. I said I don't have my ID. They said, well then you can't return the dress. So I said, you're really not going to let me return this dress even though I have my receipt?? Nope. Even though I have a baby strapped to my chest and we walked here a mile in the cold? Nope. What about a store credit? No. An exchange? No. You can't just make this one exception? No. Is there a manager I can speak to? No. Am I ever gonna shop here again? No. EXACTLY. funny baby video

Which brings me to Charlotte. Wipe that smile off her face, teach her the words "store policy" and she would make the perfect Children's Place employee.