Update: Click here to check out the honorable mentions and side-by-side baby/Hannibal comparison. It's worth it. Promise.

Caption contests make me feel like I'm taking the day off while you guys do all the work. But the second I set eyes on the photo below, I knew I had to open it up to the group…

The Business

Witness Lila giving a stare down so intense that it would rattle even the most laid back of parents. What is Lila so peeved about? Has her mom let her diaper go unchanged since yesterday? Has her twin sister Mia messed up the colors on the stacking toy AGAIN? Maybe she's pissed she was born with Jack Nicholson's hairline. Or she's reenacting a scene from "Firestarter". This one, my friends, is WIDE OPEN.

Special thanks to Natalie from Mommy of a Monster, for throwing her precious child into the ring. Natalie assures me that she doesn't offend easy, so let's put that claim to the test in the comment section below, shall we?

Captions will be judged by Emily of Jam of Love, the current Caption Contest Queen. Emily will crown the winner on Wednesday evening, in a fabulous ceremony that exists only in my head (your hand-engraved invite is currently being sent via unicorn). In addition to the crown, the winner gets the supreme honor of judging the next caption contest. It's kind of like being knighted except you will have actual power. Can't you feel it going straight to your head already?

Good luck!

If you'd like to submit a picture for a caption contest, please email it to myshort@mommyshorts.com.