Harlow loves baking, which I think is partially due to the act of baking, but mostly because she likes filming baking tutorials. In fact, I’m pretty sure she thinks she has an actual baking show. She asks me to film her baking all the time “for her show,” which I do, but then I very rarely have time to take the footage and edit it into something. Harlow usually forgets about it and then asks me to film another episode. Then she’ll check our YouTube channel and say, “Hey, Mom! Where’s my baking show???”

Anyway, the other day, she made me film her baking corn muffins, from a box (we are not very advanced bakers in this house), and she was so animated, I had to edit it all together and post it. I have never seen someone so enthusiastic while baking corn muffins in my life.

So, here you go— Harlow’s Baking Show!

I know better than to promise weekly episodes, but if you like “Harlow’s Baking Show” and want to see more, please tell me in the comments below! Harlow would be THRILLED. I’d also appreciate some ideas for easy things to bake.

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