If the response to yesterday's post is any indication, nobody gives a crap about my vacation anymore. But I came home last night so I've got one more post about it and then we can all pretend like it never happened. I'm sure in two to three hours, that's exactly what it will feel like anyway.

Missing The Baby:

At the onset of our trip, Mike and I felt bad leaving the baby behind but any guilt and/or sadness was far outweighed by the promise of fun, sun and uninterrupted sleep. Once there, it was a bit of a rude awakening to discover that not everyone ditches their kids when they go on vacation. We'd be relaxing poolside, cocktail in hand, thinking only of what to drink next, when a baby around Mazzy's age would waddle by and momentarily jolt us out of our adults-only paradise. But most of the time, we'd just exchange the briefest of sad faces, mouth "Mazzy" to one another, and then get back to the task at hand— doing nothing while maintaining a buzz.

We skyped every night and Mazzy even called me MAMA, which was especially nice since, as many of you know, she has been denying me the honor for quite some time.

Someone said that I would miss Mazzy at first but then get over it. I found the opposite to be true. I was fine for most of the trip but by the time we were packing up to go home, I was more excited to see the baby then I was to go on the trip to begin with.


Waking up early and then rolling over to go back to sleep, going to town at the breakfast buffet, walking it off on the beach, cocktails at noon, poolside crossword puzzles, fish tacos, Mike's tan, hotel sex, etc. etc.


The day I forgot to wear sunscreen coinciding with the day I wore a shirt with a big circle cut-out on the back, the group of small children that invaded the hot tub on the second day and then set up camp there for the remainder of our trip, my rather expensive emergency pedicure, a forkful of balsamic dressing that became fast friends with my favorite white dress, and have you seen the episode of Friends where they go to a tropical island and Monica's hair continues to grow from the humidity with each passing day? YEAH.

The Sea Urchin Incident:

Mike stepped on a sea urchin. Which is like a small underwater porcupine. There was pain and limping involved. Apparently, the needles lodge themselves in your foot and then you have to pick them out with a tweezer while simultaneously soaking your foot in vinegar to help them dissolve. Did you know that if you soak your foot in vinegar and then you sit in a hot tub for an hour, your foot will look like you reattached it from the body of a ninety-year-old man who recently died of having an ugly ass foot? IT'S TRUE.

And there you have it. We're back. Normal life continues. Except you can't even imagine how excited I was last night to wake up with the baby in the morning.

Then she woke up at 5:40am. 

And it took everything in my power not to roll over and go back to sleep.

Good thing she greeted me with "HI MAMA!!!"

Reunion is sweet.