This baby profile comes from Allison of Well-Read Reviews, a blog dedicated to books, movies, television and the lives of her two baby girls. In addition to her blog, Allison is attempting to write her first novel, if only her kids will nap long enough so she can complete it. But this profile isn't about Allison, it's about an adorable two-year-old she calls her "Toddler Tornado".

Download  Name: Carli

  Nickname: Boo Boo or Carbly
  (for her love of carbs)

  Build: Petite

  Signature Style: Matilda Jane
  (although she gets compliments
  in whatever she is wearing)

Favorite Grub: "Gurt!" (that's Carli-speak for yogurt)

Can't Live Without: Elmo, Barney, Dora, Diego, Memaw & "Gurt!"

Favorite Book: The Elmo "Seek & Find" Collection

Pet Peeve: Not a thing (Editor's Note: Seriously?)

Best Trick: When watching Netflix on Mom's iPhone, she can close an interrupting text message and return to her show!

Future Career: She's outgoing, very dramatic, makes friends easy, and doesn't have a shy bone in her body… ACTRESS!


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