Instead of doing my normal recap, I thought I'd switch it up this week. I'm getting familiar with a lot of my commenters, and most of them are pretty funny. So this week's recap is dedicated to them.

But first thing's first. I need a favor. I need you to take a second to vote for me at Top Baby Blogs. All you have to do is click on this link and then click again on the landing page (there are no-signups or funny business) and together we will make me the top baby blog and due to my eternal gratitude, I will show up at your door bearing Oprah-sized gifts of jet planes and grand pianos. Well, not really, but you will not go away empty-handed. In return, as I said before, you will get…

Commenter Love

• In regards to Living in a Baby War Zone:

Ofthesea was happy to see my nursery destroyed while andthenkate mourned the skeleton of her once-cool couch, and Lauren made us all "One Man Wrecking Crew" onesies.

• In response to The Holiday Card Debate:

While Veronica is forcing her husband to wear antlers and Kate is dressing her baby up like a gnome and planting him in the garden, Kimberly will be using her cards to tell friends and family not to visit and Pam is putting the whole thing off 'til Flag Day. Plus I think I upset my mom.

• When it came to assessing The Halloween Candy Hierarchy:

Heidi compared Bit-O-Honey to sucking on kitchen linoleum while Kelley couldn't finish her comment because she realized she had left chocolate in the back seat of her car.

• Plus:

Amy75 spoke of the time her mother dressed her as TRASH for Halloween because it to was last minute and she had to use whatever was in the house, Carrie wondered if there was any beauty to be found in jelly fingers and poop, and Lori admitted to falling down even when she's not wearing her Gumby costume.

What else did we learn in the week that Baby Pubert lost to an Oompa Loompa?

It's ok to be scared of monsters.

Mario is one very small step away from Ron Jeremy

• And mobility is a key component in creating a successful kid's costume.

Plus we read a whole bunch of Halloween themed Parental Tweets, perused a monster baby gift round-up, played a make-believe pumpkin game, and considered buying scary books for our babies. Twice.

Now vote for me if you haven't already, and then please come back for some baby profiling. Also— I am giving away a handmade Diva Diaper Bag ($75 value) on Monday so make sure you check it out. Bueno Baby is thrilled about winning her set of MyPhones and she will be even happier as soon as I remember to stick them in the mail.

Have fun on Halloween!