This week we've got three baby girls, two of them sisters. We'll start with five month old Harper, a tall skinny baby who sleeps til noon. Ummm…JEALOUS!


HarperStoryGap1  Name: Harper

  Nickname: Wombat

  Build: Heidi Klum-esque

  Favorite Threads: Baby Legs
  legwarmers, the beanie I rocked
  on my birth announcement
, and
  my footie PJs

Favorite Grub: Mommy's Dairy Farm, Inc.

Can't Live Without: Hurley, my boxer puppy

Favorite Book: Silly Brown Monkey, by Marianne Richmond

Favorite Sales Trick: Handing out free smiles to everyone I see

Pet Peeve: Too much pink

Best Trick: Schooling other babies in the art of sleep (dude, I slept til noon when I was 3 months old)

Future Career: Taste tester for a sorbet factory or player in the WNBA if Daddy has anything to say about it


Bailee   Name: Bailee

  Nickname: Bae Bae

  Build: Pleasantly plump

  Favorite Grub: Liquid Gold
  (aka juice)

  Can't Live Without: Remember
  what I said about the Liquid Gold?

  Favorite Book: Anything with

  Pet Peeve: Don't tell me no!

  Best Trick: Kickin' ass (literally)

Future Career: Motivational Speaker



Kylee  Name: Kylee

  Nickname: Kye

  Build: Teeny tiny

  Signature Style: Pretty in Pink
  (not to mention every other

  Favorite Grub: Mommy's milk

  Can't Live Without: A chest to
  lay her head on

  Favorite Book: B Is for Bear,
  By Roger Priddy

  Pet Peeve: Why did you put me
  down? Pick me back up!

  Best Trick: Filling and overfilling
  my diaper

  Future Career: Zoo keeper


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